[Top 9] Best Colour Prediction Game in 2023 to Earn Money

Hello Gamer, Today’s post I will talk about the Best Colour Prediction Game in 2023. Color prediction games are becoming very popular in India, and their craze is increasing very fast. We will tell you about India’s best 9-color prediction game, by playing which you can earn money. In this, you can play some games even without investment, and in some games, you can earn lifetime passive income by working properly.

have done the games ranked by us before, and on my basis, I will tell you what I will get in which game. All color predictions have some characteristics, Different benefits are available in each game.

What is a Colour Prediction Game?

In a color prediction game, you have to predict the upcoming color, if your prediction is correct then you get a reward. There are three types of colors in this color prediction game, green, red, and violet. Out of these three, you can predict any color, the chances of getting red and green are 50% and the chances of getting violet are around 20%. Apart from this, you can also make predictions on numbers in these games.

How to Earn Money in Colour Prediction Game

You do not have to check the probability of getting any color and bet on it. If your prediction is correct then you get a reward, apart from the color you can also predict the number. You get almost 2X returns if the Red and Green pair predictions are correct and 5X returns if Violet’s predictions are correct. Apart from this, if the prediction on your number is correct then you get 8X return.

For Example, If you put 10 rupees in red color and your prediction is correct then you will get 19 rupees return. By predicting a number, you get 8 times to return, if you invest 10 rupees and apply for the number and it is correct, you will get 80 rupees. You get a 5x return on 5 and 0 numbers and an 8x return on the rest of the numbers, but playing on numbers is risky because the chances of getting numbers are less as compared to colors.

Best Colour Prediction Game in 2023

We have prepared a list of the best color prediction games in India for you. We have told the good and bad things about all the color prediction games. We have given the ranking from our personal experience which we have got by playing these games. There is a risk in all the color prediction games mentioned by us, so play at your own risk.

DISCLAIMER:- This game involves financial risk. You may get addicted to this game. Therefore, all of you are requested to play this game on your responsibility and at your own risk. If you are under 18 years of age then stay away from this game.

1: Daman Games

Daman is One Of The Best Colour Predictions in India. Daman is a casino game that I started playing 1 month ago. I will tell you my personal experience in the Daman Game. You can play online by downloading the Daman App. Daman is a very good color prediction app on which you can easily earn 20k-30k a month by working properly.

If I talk about myself, I earn about 30k-40k a month from this app. My entire income comes from promotion, so I don’t even have to work now and a bonus comes into my account daily. If you also want to earn, you have to understand the power of promotion.

I have earned around Rs.30k in the last 30 days from the Daman app. Which I have earned from Daman events, promotions, and weekly bonuses. Every 2 months, Daman Game launches its event, in which very good income is received. I have given the record of withdrawal of my last few Daman games in the image below which you can see.

Daman Games payment proof

Daman Games Pros

  • Start Prediction With Only 1 Rs
  • Fast Withdrawal (Most of the time money comes to your account within 1 hour)
  • No Withdrawal Fee (You can withdraw as much as you want in this game without any withdrawal fee)
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Very Good Promotion Mission ( Earn More than 4 Lakh for Complete Promotion Task )
  • Promotion Bonus Upto 5 Levels
  • Every two months new events come in which you can participate and Earn Upto 6 Lakh

Daman Games Cons

Going by my personal experience, I do not see any con in the Daman game. If I tell my personal experience, then of all the color prediction games I have played, I found it to be the best.

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2: Fiewin

Fiewin is a Colour Prediction Game like Mantrimall & Daman Game. The number of people playing color prediction games is increasing very fast. In this game, you can earn money by playing color prediction and other games. It is very easy to use this app. This game has the fastest withdrawal process among all color prediction games. After withdrawal from this game, money comes to your account within 10 minutes.

You can earn 10 rupees a day without doing anything in the Fiewin App. First of all, you have to join the official Telegram channel of Fiewin. Where every day you get envelopes 2 times per Day, by claiming which you can earn 6-8 rupees in a day. But you have to download the app to claim this offer. Apart from this, you can also earn a free bonus by checking in daily.

Best Colour Prediction Game

Fiewin Game Pros

  • Fast Withdrawal ( After withdrawal, the money comes into the account in just 10 minutes)
  • Join the Telegram channel and earn 10 rupees free daily
  • Agent Million Cash Growth Plan: Complete the highest level and get a reward of ₹1000000 im
  • Telegram Support Bot Available 24/4 Daily Check-In Bonus ✔️

Fiewin Game Cons

  • The promotion register link doesn’t work very well
  • There is a telegram bot in the name of customer service with whom you can talk

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Tc Lottery

Tc Lottery is a Similar Game to daman. This is a new color prediction game in which you can start color prediction with just 1 rupee. TC Lottery App is a 100 Percent Legal and Real App where you can play and earn money that can be withdrawn from your bank accounts. You can earn from 20K to 30K per month by doing color prediction in this TC lottery app. TC Lottery is an Indian app and at present, it is becoming very popular. In this game, you can earn money by playing more games with color prediction.

Tc Lottery Game Pros

  • Start Prediction With Only 1 Rs
  • 24/7 Customer Service Available
  • Every day there is a prediction on Telegram, seeing which you can play
  • Bonus, If You Friends Recharge

Tc Lottery Game Cons

  • There are many games in which one gets confused as to which game to play
  • Apart from this, I do not see any cons in this game

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4: Vclub

Vclub is such a color game that you can play without investment you will get a signup bonus of 150 rs by joining our link. You can use 150 to make predictions in the game. Vclub is a Color prediction game, Where you can earn money by color prediction.

There are 3 types of colors in this game, on which you have to make predictions. If your prediction is correct then you get a reward, this game is very easy to play. If the prediction is correct on the Green and Red colors, Vclub gives a return of 1.9x the amount You invested. 5.2x returns if the Viloat prediction is correct.

Vclub Game pros

  • This is the only game that gives a bonus of 150 Rs on a download
  • Play the Colour Prediction game Without Investment
  • Everyday Free 10 Rs Link For Joined Official Telegram
  • Win up to 1 Crore For Invite Friends and Complete Task

Vclub Game Cons

  • Withdrawal charges are very high
  • You can withdraw only the selected amount
  • The interface of the app is a bit confusing, which a new user does not get used to
  • Customer Service is Not Good

5: Mantri Game

Mantri mall is a very popular color prediction game. In the Mantri mall, you have to predict one color out of Red, Green, and Violet, if your predictions are correct then you will get money. If your prediction is correct in Red and Green color then you will get double your money. You will get a 5.2x money return if the Violet Color prediction is correct.

Mantri game Pros

  • Very Old and Trusted App
  • Very Good Promotion Bonus
  • Official Telegram Channel Prediction

Mantri Game Cons

  • The prediction has to start from Rs 10 which is a bit risky
  • There is no such offer in the game that would impress the new user
  • I find this game a bit risky to play

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6: Winmoney

Winmoney is a color prediction game similar to Mantrimall. In Winmoney Color Prediction Game you can play in different ways in Party, Bcone, and Sapre. There is also an official Telegram channel for this game which you can join. Everyday color prediction is done 3 times a day on their Telegram channel, seeing which you can play. But I will not recommend you play this game so much because sometimes you make a lot of losses.

Winmoney Pros

  • Official Telegram Channel Prediction Available
  • Invite Members First Recharge Bonus
  • Bonus Up to 3 Level

Winmoney Cons

  • Start Prediction With Rs 10
  • Sometimes people on Telegram official channel get a huge loss
  • Not a Good Support System is Available

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7: Rxce Colour Prediction

Rxce is a color prediction game like Mantrimall and Winmoney, in which you can earn Money by predicting colors. Apart from this, other games in this game make it interesting. The RXCE App Comes in 3 different colors, which include Green, Red, and Violet. Apart from this, you can also earn money by predicting Aviator and Lucky Hit. This is a luck-based game so play according to your own.

Rxce App Pros

  • Play Multiple Game
  • Apart From Colour Prediction Much More Game Available in Rxce App
  • play Call of duty & Free Fire Tournament

Rxce App Cons

  • Only 2 Level Bonus
  • Not Good Customer Service Available

8: Joymall

Joymall is also a Good color prediction Game, in which you have to predict the upcoming color. Before this, we have told you about many color prediction apps, this is also an app like them. You have to predict the upcoming color, if your prediction is correct then you get a reward. Apart from the color, you can also make predictions on the number, which if correct gives you a good return.

Joymall App Pros

  • Many Games Available to Play
  • Simple Interface

Joymall App Cons

  • Only 2 Levels Bonus
  • Customer Support is Not Reachable
  • the promotion bonus could have been better

9: Colorwiz

Colorwiz is a color prediction game, similar to RXce and Cooi. Apart from this app color prediction, you can play many other games. By playing you can earn money, but there is a risk in every money game, play it responsibly. This app is very easy to use, download the game from the Below link and follow our steps.

Colorwiz App Pros

  • Simple Interface to play Game
  • App Available in Dark & Light Mode

Colorwiz App Cons

  • Customer Support is Not Good
  • Payment System is Also Very Slow
  • The interface of the app is similar to a Cooi, due to which most people find it boring
  • Only 2 Levels Bonus


Which is the best Colour Prediction Game in India?

According to me, the Daman game is the best color prediction game in 2023, in which you get a bonus of up to 5 levels. Apart from this, many tasks are given in this game, by completing which you can earn money for free.

Which is the Best color prediction game without investment?

You can play the Vclub Color Prediction game without investment. First of all, you have to download the Vclub app, after that Rs.150 signup bonus will come into your account. You can use this bonus to play games.

How do color prediction games work?

The algorithm of the color prediction game works in this way, the company will bring that color with a low bet on its color. For example, if there is a bet of 5k on red and 7k on green in a game, then the company will give red color. So play the color prediction game wisely, because only the company is never lost in this.

Conclusion: In today’s article we talked about the best color prediction game, I hope you like today’s post. We have told you the best 9 color prediction games, by playing which you can earn money. In this, you can play some games even without investment, in which the Vclub game comes at the top. But from our experience, we found Daman and Fiewin to be the best color prediction games. If you play any game at your own risk, we will not be responsible for any loss.

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