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The Big Daddy Game app has quickly become a popular way to make some extra money through its simple, addictive gameplay of predicting colors. Big daddy is a Newly Lounch Colour Prediction Games, This games Is a Similar to Daman Games. As a beginner, you may be wondering how to get started and maximize your earnings on Big Daddy Game. This comprehensive guide covers the key steps and strategies.

Big daddy Apk Download 

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Download the App

Available for both iOS and Android, first download the free Big Daddy Game app from the app store. Make sure to use a referral code during signup to get your ₹100 joining bonus.

Understand the Gameplay

The main game involves predicting if the next color displayed will be red or green during the scheduled prediction rounds at 12 PM, 5 PM and 9 PM daily. Correct guesses earn you money which gets added to your wallet balance.

Make Test Predictions

Make a few test predictions with minimum bets to get a feel of the gameplay without risking real money. Observe the color patterns and any trends. This will help you devise an effective strategy.

Add Money

Once ready to play seriously, add money to your wallet by purchasing credits in-app. Start with a nominal amount like ₹100 to place initial bets. Add more later once you gain experience.

Winning Strategies and Tips

  • Start Small

When beginning, place minimum bet amounts like ₹10 or ₹20 to minimize early losses as you learn the ropes. This allows you to take more risks and absorb losses while honing your skills.

  • Use the 3X Trick

This exponential recovery technique has you triple your bet amount after each incorrect prediction. So, if you bet ₹10 and lose, bet ₹30 next. Then ₹90, ₹270, and so on until you win. The eventual win will earn back all losses plus profit.

  • Follow Hot Trends

Carefully observe any color hot streaks. If red or green repeats multiple times, continue betting on that color to ride the trend. Persist until the trend reverses.

  • Cash Out Frequently

Withdraw a portion of your earnings to your bank frequently. This locks in profits and prevents balances from being wiped out by losses.

  • Limit Losses

Define a stop loss limit, say ₹200, as the maximum you will lose in a session before stopping. Quitting after hitting the stop loss prevents huge losses.

  • Review Performance

Analyze your daily prediction history to identify what works and what doesn’t. Refine your strategy based on those insights.

Earning Referral Commissions

The Big Daddy Game app also lets you earn commissions when you refer friends. Here’s how:

  • Find your referral code under the “Promotions” tab and share it.
  • You get 30% commission on predictions made by users who sign up with your code.
  • When your referrals invite others, you earn 20% commission on those 2nd level referrals.
  • Focus on those likely to play actively and coordinate colors.


By consistently making smart predictions and recruiting referrals, a beginner can realistically make ₹2,000-5,000 monthly on Big Daddy Game. While profits require dedication, this guide will get you on the right track. Sharpen your skills and prediction instincts to maximize your income.

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