Classy Free Fire Uid, Real Name, Age, Logo, Income & More

Free Fire is a very popular game all over the world, the number of people playing Free Fire is increasing day by day. Many free fire content creators in India have a following in the millions. India has the highest number of people playing Free Fire. 

Who is Classy FF?

NXT Classy Free Fire is a Professional Content Creator For Free Fire. His Real Name is Prashant Rajput and He is 20 Years Old now. Classy ff has more than 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, he uploads free fire highlights videos to his channel. Classy ff hails from Uttarakhand, he has 27k followers on Instagram. Classy Free Fire is famous for its Op headshot, his headshot rate is above 60%.

Classy Free Fire Uid 

Classy Free Fire ID Number is 440751607 and His IGN Name Is NXT Classy.

Short Bio Of NXT Classy Free Fire

Real NamePrashant Rajput
Age20 Years Old
Free Fire id 440751607
GirlfriendIshu FF
Headshot Rate54.52 in Squad
YouTube ChannelClassy Free Fire
Subscriber1.17 Million

Lifetime Free Fire Stats

NXT Classy Free Fire

Classy Free Fire has played 518 solo matches so far in which 39 victories have come with 843 kills. He has a K/D ratio of 2.02 and a 34.38% headshot rate in solo matches, his Most solo kills in one match is 15.

Apart from this, Uttarakhand Youtuber has played 1732 Lifetime Duo matches in which she managed to get 201 booyah, and Kills 5491 Enemy. He has a Duo K/D Ratio of 3.59 and a headshot rate of 45.00%, with 20 most Kills in a Duo match.

The Free Fire Content Creator has played 8643 squad matches so far out of which he managed to get 1658 booyah With 34625 kills. He has an excellent K/D ratio of 4.96 and a headshot rate of 54.52% in his squad game. The highest number of kills in his squad game is 27 Kills.

CS Career Stats

NXT Classy has played 7680 Cs career matches so far in which he has done 50554 Fragg with a K/D of 1.90. He turned in 5859 Wins by making the 3858 Time MVP. His win rate in his CS career is 61.82% and his headshot rate is 73.38%.

CS Ranked

He has Played 350 Squad CS Ranked matches and managed 215 Victory And 1705 Freaking Kills. His K/D Ratio of 1.82 And his Win Ratio is 61.43%. He Managed to Connect 1537 OP Headshot With an Excellent 64.43% Headshot Rate.

YouTube and Income

Classy Free Fire started his YouTube channel on 17th January 2017, till now he has uploaded more than 600 videos on his YouTube channel. He has 1.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He streams Free Fire live on his channel and also uploads free fire highlights videos. 

According to Social Blade, the monthly income of the Classy FF  YouTube channel ranges from $5.1K to $81.1K. His one-year YouTube earnings range from $60.9K to $973.1K.

Classy Free Fire Logo

Classy Free Fire Logo

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