Highest paid esports player in India Battle Ground Mobile (BGMI)

“In today’s article, we will talk about the Most Expensive Esports Players in India. Highest Salary Esports Players in India, the salary of Esports players in India per Month and Total Net Worth and Income of Indian Esports Players.”

Battle Ground Mobile India Game has launched in India. Battle Ground Mobile India is made by the Korean company krafton. This game is only for India, so we will only talk about Indian players. Esports is growing very fast in India after the launch of Battleground Mobile. The first biggest tournament of Battle Ground Mobile, Battle Ground Mobile India Series is also going to be organized in a few days. An Esports player’s salary in India can range from 40K to 300K. Salary depends on the organization, if there is a big organization then the salary will be good. The biggest organization in India are Soul, Godlike, Tsmftx, Orange Rock and Galaxy Racer. In this article, we will talk about those 5 esports players whose salary is the highest in India. The salary of esports keeps on increasing, as esports is growing in India, the salary of the players will keep on increasing. Apart from the salary, the esports player also gets the prize pool of the tournament. The prize pool of the Battle Ground Mobile India series is 1 crore and the 1st ranked team will get 50 lakhs.

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Table Of Content

  1. Soul Regaltos
  2. Soul Scout
  3. GXR Owais 
  4. Soul Mavi
  5. Jonathan

5. Soul Regaltos

Image by Soul Regaltos Instagram

Soul Regaltos aka Parv Singh is a 21-year-old professional Esports player From Delhi, who plays for Team Soul. Sol Regaltos works as an assaulter for his team, He is a great assaulter at close range. The fan following of Soul Regaltos is also very high, Team Soul is the biggest fan following a team of India. Soul Regaltos is known for its aggressive gameplay and great game plan. After joining Team Soul, Pubg Mobile Club Open Fall split was the first tournament of Regaltos, in which his team’s performance was at the top level. The main sources of income for Soul Regaltos are Esports, YouTube, Super Chat, Competitive Tournaments and Sponsorship. Regaltos has 2.16 million subscribers on its YouTube channel. According to Social Blade, the monthly income of Regaltos is 1.33 to 21 lakhs. The Esports Salary of Sol Regaltos is around 1 Lakh per month.
Real NameParv Singh
Esports TeamSoul
Esports SalaryApprox 1 Lakh Par Month
YouTube Income (Monthly)1.33 To 21 Lakh Par Month
Total Net WorthApprox 1 Crore

4. Xspark Scout

Image by Scout op Instagram

Tanmay Singh Aka Scout is a professional Battleground Mobile India Esports Player from Team Xspark. Scout was born on 30 July 1996 (25 years) in Gujarat. Scout currently plays for Team Xspark, before that he played at Orange Rock and Soul. Scout has also played PUBG Mobile World League for Orange Rock, where his team’s performance was excellent. His team finished in the 2nd position in the World League. Scout comes in India’s Most Famous Esports Player, his fan following is very good. Scout’s sources of earning are Esports, YouTube, Super Chat and Sponsorship. Scout has 4.16 million subscribers on his YouTube channel He plays more games with Battle Ground on his channel. According to Social Blade, Scout’s monthly YouTube earnings are between 6 lakh and 97 lakh. Scout’s one month salary for esports is around 1 lakh.
Real Name  Tanmay Singh
Esports TeamSoul
Esports SalaryAround 1 Lakh
YouTube Income (Monthly)6 Lakh To 97 Lakh
Total Net Worth3.5 Crore +

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3.  Owais

Image by Owais instagram

Owais is a 22-year-old Professional Esports player who lives in Mumbai. Owais started his Pubg Esports career with Team Soul, which is India’s most fan-following Oregonian. Owais remained in the Soul team for 9 months, where he performed exceptionally well in PMIS and PMCO 2019. Team Soul won the Pubg Mobile India Series 2019, Owais’s contribution to the PMIS was good. Currently, Owais is part of Galaxy Racer, Owais is a IGL of Galaxy Racer. Owais is one of the best igl in india. Owais’ salary in Galaxy Racer is around 1 lakh per month. Owais also does streaming on YouTube along with Battle Ground Mobile Competitive.
Real NameMohammed Owais Lakhani
Esports TeamGalaxy Racer
Esports SalaryAround 1 lakh
YouTube monthly Income25K +
Total Net Worth1 Crore +

2. Soul Mavi

Image by Mavi Instagram

Mavi aka Harmandeep Singh is a player of Team Xspark. Mavi Considered to be the best player at close range. It is very difficult for any player to beat Mavi at close range. Mavi is an IGL (in-game leader) of Team Xspark. Mavi previously played in the team Orange Rock, where his performance was very good, he brought Orange Rock to 2nd place in the World League. Mavi is the IGL of his team and his Igling is very good, he takes his team to the final circles almost every time. Mavi is one of the best IGL in India. At present, the salary of Mavi in ​​Team Soul is around 1.5 lakhs. Along with esports, Mavi also earns from YouTube, he has 1.15 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. According to Social Blade, his YouTube earnings range from 1.5 to 25 lakhs.
Real Name Harmandeep Singh
Esports TeamSoul
Esports SalaryAround 1.5 Lakh
YouTube Income (Monthly)1.5 Lakh to 25 Lakh
Total Net WorthApprox 2 Crore

1. Godl Jonathan

Image by Ig Jonathan instagram

The best player in esports from Battle Ground Mobile India is Jonathan. Jonathan comes top in the list of top players of India. Jonathan currently plays in Team Godlike, before that he used to play in Tsm Entity. Jonathan’s salary in Tsm Entity was around 100K per month. Jonathan’s salary has increased after joining Godlike. Recently, Karonten spoke about Jonathan’s salary on his YouTube stream.Karonten told that Jonathan’s salary is more than all the other players in India. Recently Jonathan’s esports salary is around 200k. Along with Esports, Jonathan earns from YouTube streams, Super Chats, sponsorships and tournaments. Jonathan’s YouTube channel has 3 million subscribers. According to Social Blade, Jonathan’s YouTube earnings for a month range from 8 to 90 lakhs.
Real NameJonathan Amral
Esports TeamGodlike
Esports SalaryApprox 2 Lakh
YouTube Income (Monthly)8 Lakh to 90 Lakh
Total Net WorthApprox 3 Crore

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