Kill2Head free fire id, Monthly Income, Phone Number, Real Name & More

Free Fire is a Very Popular Game all Over the World. The number of people playing Free Fire is in the millions. The number of people playing Free Fire in India is more than in any other country. Free Fire has more than 1 billion downloads on the Play Store.

Who Is Kill2head

Kill2head aka Ansh Bond is a Professional Free Fire Content Creator From India. He is a Very Popular Free Fire Content Creator, He has a 2.89 Million Subscriber On his YouTube Channel. He uploads free fire highlights videos on his channel. Kill2had’s real name is Ansh Bond and his age is 21 years.  He has 12 million views on his most popular YouTube video, which he uploaded in 2021. 

Kill2head Free Fire Uid

Kill2head Free Fire id is 712686969.  His In-Game Name Is Ansh | Bond.

Short Bio Of Kill2head (Ansh Bond)

Real Name 

Ansh Bond




20 Years 

Free Fire Uid 


Phone Number






Monthly Income

$2.8K to $44.7

YouTube Channel


YouTube Subscribers

2.89 Million



Lifetime Free Fire Stats

Kill2head Free Fire

Kill2head has played 3016 solo matches so far in which 147 victories have come with 5157 kills. He has a K/D ratio of 1.80 and a 26.86% headshot rate in solo matches, his Most solo kills in one match are 20.

Apart from this, Ansh Bond has played 3317 Lifetime Duo matches in which he managed to get 259 booyah’s, and Kills 4993 Enemy. He has a Duo K/D Ratio of 1.63 and a headshot rate of 24.77%, with 19 most Kills in a Duo match.

The Free Fire Content Creator has played 5795 squad matches so far out of which he managed to get 1014 booyah With 12025 Fragg. He has an excellent K/D ratio of 2.52 and a headshot rate of 24.91% in his squad game. The highest number of kills in his squad game is 31 Kills.

CS Career Stats

Kill2head has played 2381 Cs career matches so far in which he has done 13088 Fragg with a K/D of 2.05. He turned in 1353 Wins by making the 1051 Time MVP. His win rate in his CS career is 56.82% and his headshot rate is 47.06%.

Ranked Match

He has Played 26 Squad Ranked matches this Season and he managed 10 Victory and 95 Freaking Kills. His K/D Ratio of 5.94 And his Win Ratio is 34.74%. He Managed to Connect 33 Headshots With a 34.74% Headshot Rate.

Kill2head  Income

Kill2head Main Income Source Is YouTube. He started his YouTube channel on 6th September 2019 and till now he has uploaded 207 videos on his YouTube channel. There are currently 3.86 million subscribers on the kill2had youtube channel. According to social blade kill2had youtube channel Monthly income is between $2.8K to $44.7. his one Years YouTube Income range is $33.5K to $535.5K.

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