Ludo Select Referral Code 2023 | Download Apk & Get ₹15 Bonus

In Today Post We Discuss About Ludo Select Referral Code. This Is A New Ludo Game, Where You Can Earn Money By Playing Ludo Games. Ludo Select Apk Download and Get ₹15 Signup Bonus. The popularity of mobile applications has significantly increased in the gaming sector in recent years.

Ludo Select is one such app that has completely revolutionized the gaming industry. Ludo Select, a contemporary version of the traditional board game, has won millions of fans with its fun gameplay, convenient features, and social aspects. In this article, we’ll learn about Ludo Select’s various features and explain why every Ludo lover must give Ludo Select a try. 

App NameLudo Select
Referral CodeHJV0K4
Apk DownloadClick Her
Rating4.5 ⭐

Ludo Select Referral Code 

Enter This HJV0K4 Referral Code in Ludo Select App To Get Signup Bonus. With the new app Ludo Select, you can play online Ludo games with real people while receiving Paytm cash rewards. The guiding principle of this brand-new Ludo game is to simply play and make money. Use my Ludo Select referral code, LOB4K8, if you’re new to the game, and you’ll instantly receive 10 coins. Simply follow the steps below to download the Ludo Select APK and begin your earning journey.

How To Download The Ludo Select Apk?

  • Open Play Store on your android mobile phone.
  • Search for Ludo Select or just go to this link – Ludo Select
  • Tap on Install.
  • The download will begin shortly.
  • Wait for the installation to be completed.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can start playing the game.

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How To Sign Up For The Ludo Select App?

  • Open the Ludo Select app.
  • Enter Your Mobile Number After Country Code
Ludo select Apk
  • OTP Comes To Your Mobile Number, Enter It
  • Now, enter the referral code – HJV0K4 to get ₹15 Signup Bonus
  • Your Ludo Select Account Successfully Create, Now You Can Start Playing Games and Earn Money

How To Refer & Earn on Ludo Select?

  • Open the Ludo Select app.
  • Tap on the Refer & Earn button in the bottom left corner.
Ludo select Referral code
  • Now copy your referral code.
  • Share it with your friends.
  • On every referral you will be rewarded with 10 cube which is equal to 10 rupees.

How to Earn Real Money on Ludo Select App?

  • Open the Ludo Select app.
  • Go to Lobby.
  • Choose a game with your preferred play amount.
  • You will be matched with an opponent.
  • Win the Ludo game and earn money on every win.

How to Withdraw Money from Ludo Select App?

  • Open the Ludo Select app and go to your profile.
  • Click on the wallet.
  • Now tap on withdraw.
  • Enter your preferred amount.
  • Now enter your UPI I’d.
  • The amount will be received in your bank account within 10-15 minutes.

How Is Ludo Select Different From Other Ludo Games?

  • Convenient Gameplay 

The simple gameplay of Ludo Select is one of its most appealing aspects. Users of the app can challenge their friends and other players from around the world or compete against computer-controlled opponents. By allowing players to connect and compete with others wherever they are, this multiplayer functionality improves the social aspect of the game. The app’s options to create private rooms and invite particular friends to join ensure a more personalized gaming experience.

  • Customization and Variety

By offering players a variety of customization options, Ludo Select elevates the basic Ludo game. Each gaming session is different and visually appealing thanks to the users’ ability to customize their game pieces, themes, and board layouts. The app also provides Ludo variants like Quick Ludo and Master Ludo to add variety and keep the gameplay interesting.

  • Rewards and Achievements

Ludo Select uses a rewarding system to keep players interested and inspired. As they advance through the game, players can acquire coins, open achievements, and level up. Utilizing these rewards will allow you to play higher-stakes matches, customize game elements, and unlock new features. Such features make Ludo Select a truly immersive gaming experience by introducing a sense of progression and competition.

  • User-Friendly Interface and Accessibility

The user-friendly interface of Ludo Select makes it suitable for players of all ages and abilities. Even new users of the app can quickly understand the gameplay mechanics thanks to the app’s simple navigation and intuitive controls. Additionally, a variety of users can access and enjoy the game on their preferred devices thanks to Ludo Select’s availability on both the iOS and Android operating systems.


Ludo Select has been successful in filling the gap between the world of conventional board games and the world of online gaming. The app is new on the market and has only a few users worldwide. Whether you’ve played Ludo before or are just discovering it, Ludo Select offers a fun and engaging gaming experience that you can access from anywhere at any time. 

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