Me Gamer free fire id, Real Name, Income, Phone Number & More

In Today Post We Talk About Me Gamer free fire id, Real Name, Income, Phone Number, YouTube Channel, YouTube Earnings & More

The fan following of Free Fire has increased a lot recently, there are many players and content creators in Free Fire all over the world. Free Fire has given a lot of gamers an opportunity to showcase their talent, and right now there are many big Free Fire content creators in India. The growth of Free Fire’s YouTuber is not less than any celebrity, every day new content creators of Free Fire come somewhere.

Who is Me Gamer

Me Gamer Aka Mebin is a professional Free Fire player and gaming YouTuber, he uploads Free Fire videos to his YouTube channel. Me game is one of the popular free fire players in Kerala. They have 612K subscribers on his YouTube channel, And so far he has uploaded 649 free fire videos on his channel. Me Gamer is the famous Free Fire YouTuber of Kerala and his fan following is very high in South india.

Me Gamer Free Fire id

His Free fire id Number is 436415374 And his in Game Name is ME GAMER.

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Me Gamer Phone Number

Me Gamer Phone Number is +91-924-258-XXXX. You Also Contact his With Instagram His Insta Id is Me Gamer

Me Gamer Lifetime FF Stats

Me Gamer Free Fire Stats

Me Gamer has played 2388 solo matches so far in which 130 victories have come with 4648 kills. He has an K/D ratio of 2.15 and a 24.48% headshot rate in solo matches, his Most solo kills in one Match is Brilliant 44.

Apart from this, Kerala Youtuber has played 3659 Lifetime Duo matches in which she managed to get 366 booyah, and Kills 7613 Enemy. He has a Duo K/D Ratio of 2.31 and a headshot rate of 17.15%, with 26 most Kills in a Duo match.

The Free Fire Content Creator has played 9449 squad matches so far out of which he managed to get 1773 booyah and 23944 kills. He has an excellent K/D ratio of 3.12 and a headshot rate of 17.10% in his squad game. Highest kills in his squad game is 32 Kills.

CS Career Stats

Me Gamer has played Massive 3056 Cs career matches so far in which he has done 12714 Fragg with a K/D of 1.82. He turned out to be 1600 booyah by making the 1120 Time MVP. His win rate in CS career is 52.36% and headshot rate is 26.43%.

Ranked Stats

Karela Content Creator has Played 51 Squad Ranked Match in This Season he managed only 1 Victory And 110 Freaking Kills. His K/D Ratio of 2.20 And Top 3 Rate is 27.45%. He Managed to Connect 21 OP Headshot With 19.09% Headshot Rate.

YouTube Channel

Me Gamer started his YouTube channel on 13 April 2017, and till now he has uploaded 649 videos on his YouTube channel. He currently has 612k subscribers on his YouTube channel and his total YouTube views is more than 100 million. His Most Popular YouTube Video Has 1 Million Views. The rank of the Me Gamer YouTube channel is 1183 in India. 

YouTube Income

According to Social Blade, his YouTube earnings per month ranged from $4.1K to $65.8K. Which is converted into Indian Rupees, it is approximately between 3 Lakhs to 48 lakhs. His annual YouTube income ranges between $49.3K to $789.2K.

Final Word – In today’s post, we talked about Me Gamer YouTube Channel and his Free Fire Uid, Free Fire Stats, YouTube Income And Biography.

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