Piyush Joshi Gaming Free Fire id, Age, Income & Net Worth

Piyush Joshi Gaming


Who Is Piyush Joshi Gaming

Piyush Joshi is the younger brother of Saurav Joshi Vlogs, his age is 12 years. Saurav Joshi is one of India’s Fastest Growing YouTube Channel, his channel is India’s No.1 Vlogs Channel. Piyush Joshi is always seen in Sourav Joshi’s vlogs videos, he has just started his gaming channel, his name is Piyush Joshi Gaming. Piyush Joshi likes to play games like BGMi and Minecraft with free fire. 

Piyush Joshi Gaming YouTube channel has made many records all over the world.His YouTube channel has become the fastest 1 million subscriber channel, on which he has uploaded only one video. Her first YouTube video went to the trending section, this is the first time that I have gone to someone’s first video trending.

Piyush Joshi Gaming Free Fire id

Piyush Joshi Gaming Free fire id Is 2081534483 and his IGN Name Is Vloger Piyush.

Piyush Joshi Gaming Short Bio

Real NamePiyush
ReligionBrahmin, Hindu
Age12 Years (in 2022)
ProfessionGamer and Vloger
Current LiveHaryana
Height5.2 FT
WaitApprox 42 Kg
Hair ColourBLack
Eyes ColourBlack
Sceen ColourFaire
BrotherSourav Joshi Vloy
YouTube ChannelPiyush Joshi Gaming
Subscriber1.7 Millions
Favourite GameFree Fire, Pubg, Minecraft
HobbiesPlaying Game and Vlogging

YouTube Channel

Piyush Joshi created his gaming YouTube channel on 3rd January 2022.He has uploaded only one video on his channel which has got 7.8 million views. In just 4 days, 1.7 million subscribers have been completed on his YouTube channel. In just 6 days he has completed 1.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

Fact About Piyush Joshi Gaming Channel

  1. Piyush Joshi Gaming channel has become YouTube’s fastest channel to complete 1 million subscribers.
  2. The very first video of Piyush Joshi Gaming channel went trending on YouTube
  3. Piyush Joshi will play games like minecraft on his gaming channel
  4. Piyush Joshi has become the youngest YouTuber to complete 1 million subscribers in India

Piyush Joshi Gaming Income

Piyush Joshi Gaming has uploaded only one video on his channel till now, which has around 8 million views. According to Social Blood, the earnings of one of his YouTube videos is about $1600. If you convert it to Indian Rupees, then it is almost more than 1 lakh rupees.

Piyush Joshi Lifetime FF Stats

Piyush Joshi Gaming Free Fire


Piyush has played 45 solo matches so far in which 2 victories have come with 91 kills. He has an K/D ratio of 1.12 and a 29.67% headshot rate in solo matches, his Most solo kills in one Match is Brilliant 18.
Apart from this, Young Youtuber has played 255 Lifetime Duo matches in which he managed to get 16 booyah, and Kills 276 Enemy. He has a Duo K/D Ratio of 1.15 and a headshot rate of 25.72%, with 15 most Kills in a Duo match.
Piyush has played 158 squad matches so far out of which he managed to get 30 booyah and 330 kills. He has an excellent K/D ratio of 2.58 and a headshot rate of 28.78% in his squad game. Youtuber Highest kills in his squad game is 19 Kills.
CS Career Stats
Piyush Joshi Gaming has played 1049 Cs career matches so far in which he has done 3899 Fragg with a K/D Ratio of 1.79. He turned out to be 573 booyah by making the 305 Time MVP. His win rate in CS career is 54.62% and headshot rate is 34.21%.
Ranked Stats
Piyush has played 3 ranked matches in this season in which he has 9 skills and 0 victories.
Final Word – In this article we talked about Piyush Joshi Gaming, his Free Fire id, YouTube Channel and his YouTube channel records.

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