Renu Gaming Free fire id, Age, K/D, Photos, Income & More

In today’s post we will talk about Renu Gaming’s Free Fire id, Age, Photos, K/D, Stats, Real Name, Income, Guild id And Biography

Free fire is a very popular game in the world, the following is a lot of free fire in India too. Free Fire has given content creators and YouTubers from many different states of India. We will talk about one such content creator whose name is Renu Gaming.

Who Is Renu Gaming

Real name of Renu Gaming is Renuka and she hails from Telangana, she is 19 years old. The Telugu gamer does live streaming of Free Fire on its YouTube channel and also uploads videos of Free Fire as well. Renu Gaming has 431k subscribers on its YouTube channel and most of her fan following is Telugu.

Renu Gaming Free Fire id

Renu gaming free fire id Number is 265542824 and IGN Name is RENU GAMING

Short Bio Of Renu Gaming

Real NameRenuka
IGN NameRenu Gaming
Age19 Years
Free Fire uid265542824
ProfessionGamer and Youtuber
Language KnowTelgu
Guild Id71828149
Free Fire id level79 Level
YouTube channelRenu Gaming

Lifetime FF Stats

Renu gaming

Renu gaming has played 925 solo matches so far in which 69 victories have come out with 1842 kills. she has an K/D ratio of 2.15 and a 21.88% headshot rate in solo matches, his highest solo kills in one Match is 31.

Apart from this, Girl’s Content Creator has played 1869 Duo matches in which she managed to get 319 booyah, and Kills 3502 Enemy. He has a Duo K/D Ratio of 2.26 and a headshot rate of 17.05%, with 20 most Kills in a Duo match.

The Girl streamer has played 18138 squad matches so far out of which he managed to get 3951 booyah and 39323 kills. she has an excellent K/D ratio of 3.52 and a headshot rate of 25.35% in his squad game. Highest kills in his squad game is 27 which is very high. 

CS Career Stats

Renu gaming has played 6369 Cs career matches so far in which she has done 29599 kills with a K/D of 1.86. she has turned out to be 3923 booyah with making the 2003 Time MVP. she win rate in CS career is 61.60% and headshot rate is 42.94%.

Ranked Stats

Youtubers has Play 99 Squad Ranked Match in this Season she managed 37 Victory And 317 Freaking Kills. His K/D ratio this season is Massive 5.11 and the headshot rate is 24.61%. His highest kills this season is 10. 

YouTube channel

Renu Gaming started his YouTube channel on 12 September 2018, till now she has uploaded 601 videos on his YouTube channel. Right now she has 438k subscribers on her channel, she does live streaming of Free Fire on her channel.

Renu gaming Income

According to Social Blade, his earning from YouTube for a month ranges from $285 to $4.7K. His one year YouTube earning is between $3.4K to $54.8K. 

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