Who is the Goat of Bgmi, God Of Bgmi, King & Queen Of Bgmi & No.1 Player of Bgmi.

In Today’s Post, We Talk About the Best  Bgmi Players In India, Goat Of Bgmi & God Of bgmi. Battle Ground Mobile India is a popular game made by Krafton for India. The Battle Ground Mobile India game is only for India so we will talk about Indian players only. There are a lot of esports players in India, but today we are going to talk about the top 5 best players in India right now. We have selected 5 players based on their current form and their performance in the last few tournaments. These 5 players are performing very well in the recent tournament. 

5. 7Seas Spraygod

Spraygod plays for 7 Sea Esports, His performance there is always superb. Spraygod plays 4 fingers Clow set up with Always gyro on. Spraygod plays the role of an assault and entry fragger for his team. Spraygod sometimes the clutches have gone out in the battleground mobile. Spraygod’s mid-range spray is very good, he sometimes knocks the player off the vehicle. Spraygod is an underrated player who is consistently performing well.

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4. Soul Akshat

Soul Akshat is a Professional Esports Player for Battleground mobile India (Bgmi). He is Currently Playing For Team Soul Esports. Akshat is consistently performing well in the Bgmi Competitive, he is constantly coming in the list of top fragger. Akshat has played in Soul before playing in Chemin Esport, 8bit and UME Esports. Akshat plays the role of Assault and Entry Fragger for his team. In the recently held Sky Esports 3.0 tournament, Akshat finished second in the list of top fraggers with 75 finishes, He also received the Emerging Player of the Tournament Award from Skyesport. Playing for 8 bit, he also played in the Pubg Mobile Club Open Fall Split (Wildcard), in which his team finished in third place. Akshat is a very underrated player, who is going to perform very well in the coming days.

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3. Tsmftx Ninja 

Known for his reflexes, the Ninja has come out with a lot of clutches in the past few days. Another name for domination is a ninja. The ninja considers Jonathan and Scout as his idols, which they have mentioned on his Instagram. Tsmftx Ninja is an 18-year-old professional esports player who currently plays for Team Tsm ftx eSports. Ninja is a full Gyro player with 2 fingers Clow setup. Ninja plays BGMI on iPhone, his device is the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The ninja considers Jonathan as his idol and his BGMI control is similar to that of Jonathan’s. He is also a thumb player like Jonathan. Ninja plays the role of Assaulter and Entry Fragger for his team. His gun game is quite good. In the tournaments since the launch of Bgmi, the ninja has been on the list of top fraggers every time.

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2.  Soul Goblin

Soul Goblin Aka Harsh Paudwal is a professional Esports player for Battle Ground Mobile India, he’s currently playing for Team Soul Esports. Goblins play the role of entry Fragger for their team, their gun game is quite strong. Soul Esports comes from one of the top aggressive teams in India, Goblins have a big contribution in their performance. In the recent tournament, the goblins are constantly adding their name to the list of top fraggers. Goblins have gone solo 10 to 12 finishes in a match quite a few times. Soul Goblin plays bgmi on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Goblin Play Four Fingers Clow setup With Always Gyroscope on.

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1. Godlike Jonathan

Finally, we will talk about India’s No.1 BGMI player. Godlike Jonathan is India’s No.1 BGMI player, he is also called God of Bgmi by many people. Jonathan is the Goat of BGMI, no one can be a consistent player in India like Jonathan. Jonathan is the Best Bgmi player in India. Jonathan comes top in the list of top BGMI players in India. Jonathan has many achievements and MVP titles in Battle Ground Mobile India.

Jonathan currently plays for Team Godlike, Before this, he used to play in Tsm Entity and Team Tapatap. Jonathan is in the top fragger list of every tournament and mostly he comes in 1st position. Solo 16 kills have come out in Jonathan PMIS 2020 which is the most by any Indian in Official Tournaments. In the World League, Jonathan was in 2nd position on the kill leaderboard with 141 kills. Together they also had a solo chicken dinner with a 7 kill. Jonathan plays two Fingers Clow set up with Alway’s gyro on.

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BGMi Player Title Achieve



Goat ♑ of Bgmi


Most Loving Player of Bgmi

Soul Mortal

King 👑 of Bgmi


Best player of bgmi


Legit Hacker of bgmi


Owner of bgmi


No. 1 player of bgmi


Sniper King 👑 of Bgmi

Daljit & Hydra Dynamo

Queen 👑 of Bgmi

Payal Gaming

Top Fragger Of bgmi

Jonathan Gaming

Best Close Range Assaulter

Tsmftx Ninja , Soul Goblin & Jonathan

Best mid-Range Player

Scout & Snax 

Best entry Fragger

Neyoo & Aquanox

Best Support player

Tsm Ftx Blaze & Zgod 

Best Bgmi team 

Tsm Ftx 

Best Bgmi IGL

Xo Sensei

Best Bgmi Duo

Scout & Mavi 

Best Reflex

Aquanox & Goblin

Goat Of Bgmi in 2022


Godlike Jonathan 


Soul Goblin


Tsmftx Ninja Jod


Soul Akshat


7Sea Spraygod

Final Word – In today’s post we talked about Bgmi Goat, Best Bgmi player, King Of Bgmi & God of Bgmi. This was information about the players of Battle Ground Mobile India. I hope you like this information. Apart from the above mentioned players, there are many players as well. The mentioned player has been selected on the basis of the performance of the current tournament.

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