Xo Punkk Bgmi id, Sensitivity, Control Code, Income & More

Xo Punkk
Punkk Bgmi new Sensitivity and Control code

Punkk real name is Ashutosh Singh, he is a 19-year-old professional Esports player who lives in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. Punkk is the rising star of Battle Ground Mobile India which is famous for its clutch. Punkk is an Esports player as well as a YouTuber who has around two lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel. Pankk started his esport career with Team VR1 and now he is part of team XO. 

Punkk Strategy 

Pankk has clutched 1 Vs 4 many times, his strategy is clear. Whenever any squad Rush on him he smokes all around and takes the fight one by one, which makes him easy to clutch. Punak comes in the top 5 close range players of India. Recently, Haster organized a TDM tournament in which India’s best player participated. Punkk reached the finals in the tournament where he was pitted against India’s best Assaulter Jonathan. Punk lost in the final but gave a tough fight to Jonathan, Jonathan also praised Punkk on his screen. 

Pankk BGMI Sensitivity 

Camera sensitivity (Free look)

  • 3rd person camera – 100
  • Camera – 100
  • 1st person camera – 70

Camera sensitivity

  • 3rd person no scope – 127
  • 1st person no scope – 126
  • Tpp aim – 120
  • Fpp aim – 120
  • Red dot holographic aim – 50
  • 2X scope – 30
  • 3X scope win94 – 22
  • 4X scope vss – 14
  • 6X scope – 12
  • 8X scope – 10

ADS Sensitivity

  • 3rd person no scope – 164
  • 1st person no scope – 167
  • Tpp aim – 120
  • Fpp aim – 120
  • Red dot holographic aim – 1
  • 2X scope – 1
  • 3X scope win94 – 1
  • 4X scope vss – 1
  • 6X scope – 1
  • 8X scope – 1

gyroscope Sensitivity

  • 3rd person no scope – 349
  • 1st person no scope – 349
  • Tpp aim – 30
  • Fpp aim – 20
  • Red dot holographic aim – 349
  • 2X scope – 400
  • 3X scope win94 – 279
  • 4X scope vss – 289
  • 6X scope – 170
  • 8X scope – 97

ADS Gyroscope sensitivity

  • 3rd person no scope – 349
  • 1st person no scope – 349
  • Tpp aim – 1
  • Fpp aim – 1
  • Red dot holographic aim – 349
  • 2X scope – 400
  • 3X scope win94 – 279
  • 4X scope vss – 289
  • 6X scope – 170
  • 8X scope – 97

Punkk Bgmi id, Sensitivity And Control Code

In-game NameXo pun
Bgmi id 576687240
Sensitivity Code6983-8721-1663-9668-035
Control code6983-8721-1663-9668-034

Punkk Control And Clow setup

Punkk play 4 fingers, Clow, with Always gyroscope on.
Xo Punkk
Punkk Bgmi control

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Punkk YouTube Journey
Pankk started his YouTube channel on 13 April 2019, initially, he used to put Clutch and Tier 1 scream highlight videos on his channel. Punkk did the first pubg live stream on his YouTube channel on 1 January 2021. After the ban of PUBG, he used to play the Korean version of PUBG, now he does live streaming of Battleground Mobile India on his channel. Punkk’s YouTube channel has 200K subscribers and 14 million views. In the last few days, the growth of Punk’s YouTube channel has been very fast.

Punk eSports Journey

Pankk started his esports career with Team Version 1, Punkk played PMCO Fall Split 2020 from Team VR1. His team had a great performance in Pmco 2020, after that many people started calling Punk a hacker. Later, Punkk pacified everyone by showing his pov.
Seeing this performance of his, team MYM took him in his team. now punk plays with team Xo, Punkk coordination with Team XO members is very good.

Punkk Achievement

  • Winner of AMD Skyesport Grand Slam 2022
  • 2nd position on BGMI All-Star Tdm battle 2021
  • Yalgaar Grand Final Top Fragger (38 kills)
  • Top fragger in Pubg mobile club open fall split 2020 Semi-Final (26 kills)
  • Bgmi India ki After party 1st-day winner

Punkk BGMI information
BGMI Laval65
Roleassaulter and Entry Fragger
Favourite gameBGMI
Favourite comboM416+AKM
Famous forPlay pubg (bgmi) competitive and YouTube streaming
DeviceiPhone XR
Favourite Pubg playerJonathan and Snax
Favourite Teammate All XO Members
YouTube subscriber200K

Punkk BGMI Stats

Match played99
Top 1048
F/D Ratio7.63 F/D
Win Ratio24.4%
Top 10 Rate53.3%
Avg Heals161.9
Most finishes25 finishes
Highest Damage3195
Avg Damage1139.5
Tier (squad)Crown I

Punkk Personal Biography

Real nameAshutosh Singh
Online nameXo punkk
graduation12th Pass
Favorite wordHacker Punkk
Birthday15 June
Best Friend’sN/A
Height5 foot 9 inch
Hair colour65Kg
Hair colourBlack
Eyes colourBlack
WifeNot marriage
Home TownJhunjhunu (Rajasthan)
Current HomeJhunjhunu (Rajasthan)

Punkk Net Worth, Income and Salary

Esports salaryAround 80K
YouTube monthly Income$582-$9.3K
YouTube annual income$7k-$111.7k
Per match incomeN/A
Total monthly incomeAround 2 to 3 lakh
Total annual income
Around 25 lakh

Punkk Team And Teammate

Punkk Current team is Team Xo.
Team Xo Members
  • Hakurr Punkk
  • Snax
  • Sensi
  • Fierce

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