Daddy calling free fire uid, New Id, Level, Real Name, Age, Stats & More

In today’s post we will talk about daddy calling free fire uid, New Free Fire id, Free Fire id Ban, Real Name, Age, Level, Stats & More 

Free Fire is a very popular game in the world and Free Fire has given the world a lot of content creators. Today we will talk about one such content creator whose name is Daddy Calling. 
He is a 20 year old Free Fire content creator. Daddy Calling Real Name is Rohit and he hails from Pune, Maharashtra. His Free Fire id is India’s highest level Free Fire id. His Free Fire id level is 92 which is higher than all other Free Fire players in India. 

Daddy Calling Free Fire Uid 

His Free Fire Uid is 237647354 

Daddy Calling New Free Fire Uid

Daddy Calling New Free fire Uid Is 194095234

Short Bio Of Daddy Calling

Real NameRohit
In game NameDaddy Calling
Free Fire Uid237647354
Age20 Years
New Free Fire Uid194095234
Daddy Calling Free Fire Level92 Level
HomeTownPune, Maharashtra
Current livePune, Maharashtra
YouTube channelDaddy Calling
Subscriber1.18 Millions
New Id Level81 Level
Favourite GameFree Fire
HobbiesPlaying Game

Daddy Calling Lifetime FF Stats 

Daddy Calling

Daddy Calling has played 4442 solo matches so far in which 8095 frags have come out with 378 victories. He has a K/D ratio of 1.99 and a headshot rate of 25.15. 

Apart from this, the content creator has played 2489 Duo matches in which 262 wins with 4039 kills. He has a K/D ratio of 1.81 in a duo match and a headshot rate of 23.82%. 

So far youtuber has played 41765 squad games in which 139245 kills and have achieved 16473 victories. He has a K/D ratio of 5.51 and a headshot rate of 22.33%.

CS Career Stats 
So far the content creators have played 3155 CS Career matches in which 1865 wins and 13226 frags have come out. Youtubers have a headshot rate of 32.41% and a win rate of 59.11, in which they have become MVP 1018 times. Apart from this, he has 2323 double kills, 743 triple kills and 164 quadra kills in CS Carrier 

Daddy Calling id Ban

Daddy Calling Free fire uid

Daddy Calling’s id was India’s Highest Level Free Fire id but due to some issue his id is Temporarily Disable. Due to some problem in Daddy Calling Instagram, his Facebook account got disabled and his Free Fire id was connected to Facebook. Because of them, he had to lose his 92 level Free Fire Uid. Right now they have tried hard to get the ID back and they told that by January their ID can come back. 

Right now daddy Calling plays with new id, his new free fire id is 194095234.

Daddy Calling YouTube & Income 

Daddy Calling created his youtube channel on 7th April 2021 and due to his hard work he completed 1 million subscribers on his youtube channel in just 6 months. He currently has 1.18 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and has uploaded 171 videos so far. 
According to Social Blade, Daddy’s Calling YouTube earnings per month range from $1.1K to $18.1K. His one-year YouTube earnings range from $13.6K to $217.6K.

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