Iconic Free fire uid, Real Name, Age, Stats, K/D Ratio & Bio

Team Elite Iconic

In today’s article we will talk about Iconic Free fire uid, Real Name, Age, Esports Jornay, Sensitivity, Stats, K/D Ratio & Bio

Who is Og iconic

Og Iconic Aka Dev Kumar Yaduvanshi is a professional Esports Player And Content Creator For Team Orangutan. Iconic is 20 years old and he hails from Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Iconic hails from an Agra middle class family, his father is in the Indian Army and his mother is in the police. Iconic started playing Free Fire in 2019, Iconic first came into limelight during India Today tournament. In that tournament, Iconic’s team came in 2nd position while performing brilliantly.

Og Iconic Free Fire Uid

og Iconic Free fire id is 100179895 and their IGN Name is OG-ICONIC.

Short Bio Of Og Iconic

Real NameDev Kumar Yaduvanshi
In game NameOG-ICONIC
Free Fire Uid100179895
Age20 Years
Current TeamOrangutan Esports
DevicesiPhone 11 pro
BirthdayJuly 2001
HomeTownAgra, Uttar Pradesh
Current liveN/A
Hair ColourBlack
Eyes ColourBlack
Sceen ColourFaire
Marriage StatusNot Marriage
Favourite GameFree Fire
BestfriendOg Killar
Hobbieslistening songs

Og Iconic Family Background

Iconic comes from a middle class family living in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. His father is in the Indian Army and his mother is in the police. In the beginning, the parents of Iconic used to stop him from playing the game.Iconic asked his parents for a year’s time and he joined esports in one year, then his family members also started supporting him. Right now his parents support him and he is happy.

Iconic Esports Journey

Iconic entered Free Fire Esports in 2019, their first team name was Nightmare. Playing for Nightmare, he participated in the tournament organised by India Today in 2019, which had a huge prize pool. Nightmare’s team came second in India Today’s 35 lakh prize pool tournament. In that tournament, Iconic’s team won 4 lakh rupees, which was a lot at that time. The tournament organised by India Today was held in Delhi and Iconic got the silver medal in that tournament and it was proved. 
After that he joined another team in which Killer used to play with him. While playing with Killer, he got those offers from Team Elite and he also joined Team Elite with Killer. Right now he plays for Team Orangutan and Killer also plays with him from the same team. Killer is a very good friend of Iconic, once during an interview Iconic was asked the question, Who is your favourite teammate?” Then Iconic wrote the name of the killer on the board and told everyone.

Iconic FF Stats

Iconic Ff

Iconic has achieved 259 victories and 4719 fraggs in 1336 solo matches played so far. He has a K/D ratio of 4.38 and a headshot rate of 28.21 With 27 Most kills in Solo matches.

Also Legend Play 2232 Duo matches With 491 Wins and 7595 Kills. Hei’s K/D Ratio Of duo Match is 4.36 and Headshots rate is 23.29 With 19 Highest Fraggs.

The esports player has played 16856 squad games out of which he has won 4197 and nailed 55090 enemies. He has a K/D ratio of 4.35 in his squad game and a headshot rate of 43.54.

Iconic YouTube Income

Iconic started its YouTube channel on 2 November 2018. Till now he has uploaded 79 videos on his channel in which he has got 230k subscribers. Iconic also streams Free Fire live and uploads tournament highlights videos on their channel. 
According to Social Blade, Iconic’s monthly YouTube earnings range from $174 to $2.7K. Apart from this, his one-year YouTube earnings range from $2.1K to $33.4K.

More Questions About Iconic

What is Iconic’s FF ID?

Iconic Free fire id is 100179895

Who is Team Elite Iconic?

Iconic is Professional Esports Player For Free Fire

What is Age of Iconic FF?

20 Years

What is the Real Name of Iconic FF?

Dev Kumar Yaduvanshi

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