Best Free Fire Banner For Youtube Whithout Text, 2048×1152 & 1024×576

In today’s post, we have brought free fire banner for you, which you can use for your YouTube channel. Free Fire is a very popular battle royale game, which has more than 1 billion players. There are many content creators of Free Fire all over the world who upload gaming videos on their YouTube channel. It is very important to have a good banner for a gaming YouTube channel. 

Free fire Banner for youtube without text, You can make a banner by entering the name of your channel. It’s easy to use and creates a cool looking bottom video or gif banner for your channel.

Free Fire Banner & Template For Youtube

The Free Fire Banner is perfect for a gaming channel, or any type of YouTube channel that focuses on video games. This is a Free Fire Banner For Youtube Without Text.

You can use it for anything! It’s made up of the colours Blue and White. You can change the text on your own. The background is transparent so you could easily add your pictures to the banner by using Photoshop (or any other photo program).

Free fire Banner For Youtube
Free Fire Banner 1024x576

Free Fire banner for youtube without text

Free Fire Banner Download

Free Fire Banner 2048×1152

Free Fire Banner 2048x1152 Download

Free Fire Banner Background

Our free fire banner &  Background templates are made to help you promote your Gaming video. You can use this unique Free Fire Banner to create the best presentation for your youtube channel and impress your fans, clients and friends.

Free Fire Banner Background
Free fire Banner Template

How to Create Free Fire Banner

Make a free Fire banner and a gaming banner. Attractive, animated banners are the first impression of your gaming video or video channel. Use these free tutorials to create youtube banners or any other animated graphics within minutes.

Simple Follow 5 Steps & Create Beautiful Banner

  1.  To create a Gaming Channel Banner, first of all, you will need a PicsArt App, then you have to first install PicsArt App.

  2. You have to take a good background photo for the banner of your YouTube Gaming Channel, you have to add any kind of background photo related to your YouTube channel in your Picks Art App.

  3. After setting the background photo in the middle, you have to add the profile of your channel, which is the logo of your channel, above your background photo and add that logo in the middle of the background photo.

  4. After setting Background Photo and Logo, you have to add your Social Accounts like Instagram and Facebook to the Banner so that your Social Account can also be promoted. 

  5. After that, you can make it attractive by putting a logo and sticker on your banner. Your YouTube channel banner is ready, you can upload it to your channel.

Final Word – This free Fire Banner is great for promoting your channel. Its size is 1024 x 576 and looks great with any thumbnail. It includes a background to put your own picture on top of, as well as two text fields if you need to display more information about your channel or video. The file is zipped, making it easier for you to share even if you have zero experience with computers!


This free fire banner for youtube without text is perfect if you need a background for your channel art, or just want to use it as a banner on Facebook, Twitter or any other website. The image comes in 4 different resolutions: 1024x576px, 1600×900 px and 2048x1152px as well as a square images 2022x2022px size.

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