Snax Gaming Age, Real Name, Bgmi id, Sensitivity, Control Code, Religion & More

Who is Snax Gaming?

Snax Gaming’s real name is Raj Varma, he is a 21-year old professional Bgmi (Battleground mobile India) Esports player For Team Xo. Snax Gaming is from Hyderabad, Telangana. He is also Part of S8UL Esports as a Content Creator. Snax Gaming started its Esports career in 2019 with the Learn From Pass team. Snax first Time came into the limelight when, playing for Team Megha X in 2019, Snax took a chicken dinner by 1 Vs 4 Again Team Synergy in Villager Sport’s Screams. Currently, Snax Gaming plays with Team Xo, Snax Gaming has achieved a lot of achievements in Team Xo. Snax Gaming is famous for its Hyderabadi Hindi language and DP 28 Burst. Snax gaming’s Current team name is Xo Esports.

Snax Gaming BGMI id

Xo Snax BGMI id is 585127130 and his in-game name is Xo Snax.

Snax Gaming personal bio

Real name

Raj Varma

IGN Name

Xo Snax







Birthday Date

6 December




5 foot 11 inch


75 Kg approx

Best Friend’s

Xo Punkk







Hair colour


Eyes colour



Not marriage


Not know


Hyderabad (Telangana)

Current Home

Hyderabad (Telangana)

More About Snax Gaming 


assaulter and Supporter

Current Team 

Xo Esports 

Favourite game


Favourite combo


Famous for

Play bgmi competitive and Youtuber


iPhone 11 Pro Max

Favourite Pubg player

Coffin And Paraboy

YouTube subscriber

1.27 Million

Esports salary

Around 150K

Bgmi Sensitivity Code


Bgmi control Code


Net Worth

6-10 Crore

Snax Gaming Bgmi sensitivity

Camera sensitivity (Free look)

  • 3rd person camera – 100
  • Camera – 55
  • 1st person camera – 55

Camera sensitivity

  • 3rd person no scope – 55
  • 1st person no scope – 55
  • Tpp aim – 1
  • Fpp aim – 1
  • Red dot holographic aim – 30
  • 2X scope – 30
  • 3X scope win94 – 11
  • 4X scope vss – 9
  • 6X scope – 7
  • 8X scope – 7

ADS Sensitivity

  • 3rd person no scope – 1
  • 1st person no scope – 1
  • Tpp aim – 1
  • Fpp aim – 1
  • Red dot holographic aim – 1
  • 2X scope – 1
  • 3X scope win94 – 1
  • 4X scope vss – 1
  • 6X scope – 1
  • 8X scope – 1

Gyroscope Sensitivity

  • 3rd person no scope – 280
  • 1st person no scope – 280
  • Tpp aim – 30
  • Fpp aim – 20
  • Red dot holographic aim – 300
  • 2X scope – 300
  • 3X scope win94 – 165
  • 4X scope vss – 140
  • 6X scope – 90
  • 8X scope – 90

Snax Gaming Achievement 

  1. 4th place in Nodwin x Loco All-Stars Invitational Lan Event 2022

  2. Winner of Upthrust Esports Rising Star India 2022

  3. Winner of sky Esports Grande Slam 2022

  4. 5th position on Pubg mobile club open 2019

  5. Winner of Fanatic Lockdown events 2020

  6. Winner of Sky eSports grand slam Tournament 2019

  7. 2nd position on pubg mobile super hero’s Battle 2020

  8. 6th position on Pubg mobile India series 2020

  9. 9th position on pubg mobile world league season 0 2020

  10. 12th position on pubg mobile Pro league South Asia 2020

  11. Winner of Matrix cup 2020

  12. Winner of Bgmi launch party event 2021

Snax Gaming Monthly Income & Salary

Snax Gaming Main Earning sources is YouTube and Esports. Snax Gaming started his YouTube career on 1 October 2019, initially he used to put videos of Pubg mobile on his channel later he started live streaming. There are currently 1.27 Million subscribers on Snax Gaming’s YouTube channel. Recently, the growth of his YouTube channel has been very fast.

According to Social Blade, the monthly income of the Snax Gaming YouTube channel ranges from $884 to $14.1K. Which is converted into Indian Rupees, which is around 65 thousand to 10 lakhs. Apart from this, Snax Gaming earns from YouTube Super Chat, sponsorship and esports. Snax Gaming’s monthly esports salary is around 150k.

Final Word – This is Complete Information about Xo Snax. His bgmi id, Sensitivity, Control Code, Real Name, Age, Religion, Salary, Net Worth & More. Apart from this, he has diverted too much attention to fitness. He currently plays for Team Xo Esports, before that he has also played for Team Ind.

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