Orangutan Esports BGMi Lineup, Owner, Players Salary & Achievement

Battle Ground Mobile India aka Bgmi is a Very Popular Video Game in India. The growth of gaming and esports has been very fast in India for some time now. Many players have made their careers in esports. 

What is Orangutan Esports

Orangutan Esports (OG) is an Indian Esports Organization of Battle Ground Mobile India. Orangutan esports is one of the top teams in India, and its players are very experienced. orangutan esports is a very aggressive team, they can clutch in every player. Orangutan Gaming is performing very well in the recent esports tournament. 

Orangutan BGMi Lineup




IGL (in Game Leader)





Ak Op

Entry Fragger + Assaulter




Og Believe Real Name is Manoj Kumar. He is a very experienced player, he has played for many teams. Believe is IGL (in-game Leader) of Orangutan Esports. Along with that, he is also a very good Assaulter, he has clutched Many times for his team.


Og Drigger Real Name is Shubham Singh Quiriyal. He plays a Support Role for Orangutan Esports. He is a Very Good Support player. Before joining Orangutan, he played for Team Mayhem.


Ash’s Real Name is Ashish Bhatnagar, he is an Assaulter of Orangutan Esports. Ash is a Very Experienced player. Ash Started his Esports Journey in 2020 With Team CSPG India. After that, he Also played For Team 8Bit and Fanatic.

Ak Op

Ak Op Real Name is Ankit Shukla. He is an Assaulter & Entry Fragger of Orangutan Esports. Ak Op is One Of the Best Close Range Players in India . His Gun Game Is Very Good, He Clutch Many Times For His Team in Tournament. 

  • Top Fragger of LOCO Diwali Battle: League Stage Week 3
  • MVP of LOCO War of Glory: League Stage 2021


WizzGOD’s Real Name is Faraz Khan, he is an Assaulter Of Orangutan Esports. He is also a Very Good Assaulter and Entry Fragger. WizzGOD is a New Addition to Orangutan Esports. He Recently joined Team OG.

Orangutan Esports Owner

Jay Shah is the owner of Orangutan Esports. His Instagram ID is Jay Shah .

Orangutan Esports Player’s Salary

The salary of Average Indian Esports player  ranges from 50k to 200k. The salary of orangutan esports players ranges from about 75K to 150K.

Orangutan team Achievements

  1. 3rd Position in Skyesport Pro league 2022

  2. 5th Place in VE Winter Masters 2022

  3. 5th Position in Red Bull M.E.O. Season:4  

  4. 4th position in OneShot Showdown Season 2 (Grand Finals)

  5. Runner up of India Today’s Dangal 2021

  6. 4th place in Upthrust Esports Ranbhoomi Season 1 

  7. Winner of Villagers Esports Loco War Of Glory League Stage

  8. Runner up of OG Starter Cup 2021

  9. Winner Of Upthrust Esports Wings BattleFest 2021

Final Word – This is Complete Information about Orangutan Esports Battle Ground Mobile india. This Info is a Only Og Bgmi Lineup, Apart From This Orangutan also has Free Fire and Valorant Roster.

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