Global Esports Bgmi Lineup, Players, Owner, salary, Net Worth & Achievement

Battle Ground Mobile India aka Bgmi is a Very Popular Video Game in india. The growth of gaming and esports has been very fast in India for some time now. Many players have made their career in esports. 

Global Esports (GE) is an Indian Esports Organization of Battle Ground Mobile india. Global Esports is one of the top teams in India, and its players are very young. Global Esports (GE) is a very aggressive team, they have the ability to clutch in every player. Global Esports is performing very well in the recent esports tournament. Global Esports is a very old esports organization, which has been active for a long time. Global Esports created its first Pubg team in 2020.

Global Esports BGMi Lineup






Entry Fragger + Assaulter




IGL (in Game Leader)





Ge Jokerr 

Jokerr is an Assaulter of Team Global Esports, He is Very Good Player in Close Ranges. He has clutched many times for his team. Joker’s age is only 16 years, he has made his team win many tournaments even at this age.

Ge Nakul 

Nakul is an Assaulter & Entry Fragger of his team Global Esports. Nakul Is a Very good player in Close and Mid Range. Nakul works to get the opening for his team, his ability to grenade is very good. Nakul makes the first frag with a grenade during every fight.

Ge Manya

Manya Is a IGL (in game Leader) of Global Esports. He is a Very Aggressive Igl in the Indian Gaming Community. Along with him, he is also a very good Assaulter. All the players in Global Esports are very young and talented.

Global Esport Owner

Dr Rushindra Sinha is a Founder & Owner of the Global Esports, His Instagram ID is Rushindra sinh.

Global Esports Net Worth & players Salary

global eSports market was valued at just over 1.08 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. According To source Average Esports Player salary Around 1 Lakh to 3 Lakhs. Salary of Global Esports players will be around 0.75 to 1.5 lakhs.

Global Esport Achievement

  1. Winner Of Esports Club BGMI Invitational Season-3 2022

  2. Winner of Ruthless Invitational Showdown 2022

  3. 3rd Place in THUG Invitational: Season-3 2021

  4. 5th Position in The Esports Club – BGMI Invitational Season 2

  5. 3rd Position in Chemin Esports Ultimate Showdown

  6. 5th Position in EGI Revamp Battle 2021

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