Revenant Esports Players, Bgmi Lineups, Owner, Achievements & Salary

Battle Ground Mobile India aka Bgmi is a Very Popular Video Game in india. The growth of gaming and esports has been very fast in India for some time now. Many players have made their career in esports. 

Revenant Esports is Indian Esports Organization  of Battle Ground Mobile india. Revenant Esports is one of the top teams in India, their players have a lot of experience. His players have been in esports for a long time, they have also played at the global level. Prior to joining Revenant Esports, these players played for Team Megastars, where he also played for PMCO.

Revenant Esports Bgmi Lineups




Assaulter + Entry Fragger




IGL (in game Leader)






AustinX Real Name Is Sonjoy Das and He is an Assaulter and Entry Fragger of Revenant Esports. Austinx is a very experienced player, he has been in esports for a long time. Before joining Revenant Esports, he used to play for the team Orange Rock. His performance there too was very good, he always clutches for his team.


Rnt Encore Real Name is Rishabh Katoch and he is an Assaulter and Supporters For His Team. His Started esports career with Learn From Past. After having good and consistent performances in tournaments he was also signed by MegaX, then to MegaStars. Thereafter to Revenant Esports. Encore is a very experienced player and he has been playing esports for a long time.


Paradox Real Name is Parichay Bansal, He is IGL (in Game Leader) Of Revenant Esports. Paradox is one of the most consistent players of the community. He has had a long standing journey in the Indian community and is currently a part of the Revenant Esports. He has been a top fragger for his team in many official tournaments showing off his assaulting skills as well. 


Topdawg Real Name is Ankit Mehra, he is Assaulter and Entry Fragger of Revenant Esports. Topdawg is a young player and he is performing very well. He plays the role of entry frogger for his team, he has clutched many times for his team.


Kyoya is a new player to Revenant Esports, he recently joined the Revenant team. He plays the role of assault for his team, and his gun power is excellent. Recently, he has come out with a lot of clutches for his team. Kyoya will help his team to win by giving a great performance in the coming times.

Revenant Esports Owner

Rohit Jagasia is a Owner of  Revenant Esports, he is also Founder & CEO of Revenant Esports.

Revenant Esports Players Salary

According To source Average Esports Player salary Around 1 Lakh to 3 Lakhs. Salary of Revenant Esports players will be around 1.5 lakhs.

Revenant Esports Achievements

  1. 8th Position in Battle Ground Mobile india Series 2022

  2. 4th Place in Loco War Of Glory Final (Villagers Esports)

  3. 2nd Position in Loco War Of Glory League Stage

  4. 3rd Position in Upthrust Esports Wings BattleFest

  5. 4th Place in Skyesport Championship 3.0

  6. Runner up of Chemin Esports Unlimited Showdown

  7. Winner of EGI Revamp Battle 2021

  8. Runner up of Battleground Warriors Cup 2021

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