Raistar free fire id, photo, Phone Number, Stats, Income and Wiki

Raistar Aka Akshay is a professional free fire player and gaming youtuber. Raistar is a big Free Fire youtuber with 6.3 million subscribers on his channel. Raistar is one of the well known Free Fire players in India. Everyone is crazy about his game play and headset skills. He hails from Kerala India, and it was he who brought the trend of one tap shot in India. Gyan Gaming has been a major contributor to Raistar YouTube career, he was the one who asked Raistar to start a YouTube channel. Raistar is a well known free fire player of India, his fan following is very high.

Raistar Free Fire Id And Name Style

Raistar Free Fire id is 12022250 and In Game Name is ꧁•ᏒคᎥនтαʀ ࿐.

Raistar Personal Wiki

Real NameAkshay
Nick NameRaistar
Free Fire id (uid)12022250
Name Style꧁•ᏒคᎥនтαʀ ࿐
Age20 (In 2022)
In game Name꧁•ᏒคᎥនтαʀ ࿐
HomeTownKerala (india)
GirlfriendNot Know
Best FriendsGyan gaming
professionGamer + Youtuber
Language KnowHindi, English, Kerala

Raistar YouTube Journey

Raistars used to play Free Fire from the beginning, and also watch live streaming of Gyan Gaming. Then suddenly one day he sent a friend request to Gyan Gaming and he accepted it. After that there was a change in his career, one day Gyan Gaming called him randomly in his team and played with him. Gyan Gaming was shocked to see the raistar’s game. He continuously kills the Enemy by hitting headshots. Gyan Gaming advised him and said that if you play so well then make your YouTube channel. He agreed to Gyan Gaming and made his YouTube channel on 24 November 2019. After that his game play became very much Popular, he only brought the trend of one tap shorts in India. After that, he just put 30+ videos on his YouTube channel and made 3 million subscribers.

Raistar Free Fire Stats

Solo Lifetime Stats

K/D Ratio3.95
Headshot 4685
Headshot Rate43.48%

Raistar has played 3541 solo games so far out of which he has won 401 games. His lifetime solo kills are 10775 out of which 4685 are headshots. His headshot rate is 43.48%. The raster’s most solo kills are 24, and their average damage per match is 1094.  


Lifetime Duo Stats

K/D Ratio3.79
Headshot Rate36.60%

Lifetime Squad Stats

K/D Ratio3.95
Headshot Rate47.90%

Raistar Cs Carrier Statas

Apart from this, he has also played 2906 matches of class squad in which he has a 14069 Headshot with 20926 skills. He has also been a MVP 1869 times with a wine ratio of 53.68%.

Raistar Income



Raster’s main earning source is YouTube, he has 6.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. According to Social Blade, his YouTube monthly income ranges from $1.2K to $18.8K. Raistar’s annual YouTube income ranges from $14.1K to $225.3K.

Raistar Real Photo

NOT Available

Raistar Phone (Contact) Number

Raistar’s mobile number is not available officially, they have kept their number private.

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