Hydra Danger Bgmi id, Sensitivity, Control code,Photo, Age, Girlfriend And More

In today’s article we are going to talk about Hydra Danger Real name, Bgmi id, Control, face, logo, sensitivity, dp, income, Salary, girlfriend and many More. 

Who is Hydra Danger

Hydra Danger is a Professional Esports Player and Contact Creator for Hydra Clan. Hydra Danger’s real name is Ronny and he plays for the Hydra Esports Team. His age is 20 years now. Dangerous is a very good player of close range, he has also been clutch at many times. Dangers is a very good player of TDM and it is very difficult to beat him in TDM. Danger has also defeated Scout in Tdm, so he is also called Tdm God. 

Danger Game Wiki 

Real NameRonny
NickNameHydra Danger
Current teamHydra Esports
Bgmi id554759246
Sensitivity code6983-8859-0793-0652-130
Control code6974-6322-6862-1940-833
Control4 Fingers Clow With Always Gyro on
DeviceiPhone 12 pro max
Favourite Gun comboM416 + Akm
Favourite bgmi playerN/A
YouTube Subscribe746K

Hydra Danger Bgmi id

Hydra Danger Bgmi id is 554759246 and hei’s in game name is HYDRA丨DANGÈR

Danger Personal Information

Real NameRonny
Salary Around 2 lakh
Current liveHydra Esports bootcamp
Hair ColourBlack
Eyes ColourBlack
Sceen ColourFaire
Marriage StatusNot Marriage
Favourite GameBGMI
BestfriendHydra clan Members
HobbiesPlaying Game

Hydra Danger Bgmi Sensitivity Code

Hydra Danger Sensitivity Code is 6983-8859-0793-0652-130

How To upload Sensitivity code

  1. Open Your Bgmi Game
  2. Go to Setting tab
  3. Open Sensitivity Settings
  4. Click Layout Management
  5. Click Search Method
  6. Enter Your Copy Sensitivity Code
  7. Click preview and Use

Hydra Danger Bgmi Control Code

Hydra Danger Bgmi control

Hydra Danger play 4 Fingers Clow setup With Always Gyroscope on in Bgmi. 
Hydra Danger Bgmi Control Code is 6974-6322-6862-1940-833

How To upload Control code in Bgmi

  1. Open Your Bgmi Game
  2. Click Settings
  3. Go Control Settings
  4. Click Customize Option
  5. Your Customize Option is open Now Click Layout Settings
  6. Click Search Method
  7. Enter Control code
  8. Click preview and Use thane Your control code is Applied

Hydra Danger Bgmi Stats 

Hydra Danger Bgmi stats

Hydra Danger has played 47 matches so far in the current season, out of which they have won 5 games. His finish is 328 and the F/D ratio is 6.98. The highest finish of Danger is 28 in the current season. The tier of Hydra Danger is a diamond. 

Hydra Danger YouTube Journey

Hydra Danger started her YouTube channel on 24 April 2014. Till now he has uploaded 300 videos on his channel, he has 700k subscribers on his channel. Hydra Danger is live streaming of Battle Ground Mobile India on their YouTube channel. He has a lot of fan following in Hydra Clan. Recently, Danger is not very active on his YouTube channel, he is streaming only 3 or 4 times in a month.

Hydra Danger Income and Salary

Dynamo had said during its live stream that the salary of Hydra Danger is monthly at 2 lakhs. Apart from salary, Dangers earn from YouTube, Super Chat and sponsorship. 
According to Social Blade, Hydra Danger’s one month YouTube income is $5 and $84. Hydra Danger’s annual YouTube income ranges from $63 to $1K. 
This income may increase going forward because Hydra Danger is not very active on YouTube right now.

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