Tg Delete Free fire uid, Real Name, Devices, K/D Ratio, Salary and Biography

In today’s article we are going to talk about Tg Delete Free fire uid, Real Name, Stats, K/D Ratio, Salary and Biography.

Who is Tg Delete

Tg Delete Aka Narai Yadav is professional Esports player for Free Fire. He currently plays for Total Gaming Esports. Tg Delete plays the role of Rusher and Assault on behalf of his team. Tg Delete is India’s No.1 Rusher player, he always gets an entry while playing in front of his team. After Delete joined Total Gaming, the performance of his team has become very good, many recent tournaments have been won by tg Gaming. Tg Delete is also called India’s No. 1 Esports player, his game sense and coordination with his team is very good.

Tg Delete Free Fire Uid

Tg Delete free fire Uid is 235249808 and Hei’s in Game Name is Tg Delete!

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Tg Delete Short Bio

Real NameNarai Yadav
In game NameTg Delete
Free Fire Uid235249808
Current TeamTG (Total Gaming) Esports
DevicesSamsung M21
Birthday25 October
Current liveN/A
Hair ColourBlack
Eyes ColourBlack
Sceen ColourFaire
Marriage StatusNot Marriage
Favourite GameFree Fire
BestfriendTG Mafia
HobbiesPlaying Game

Tg Delete Free Fire Stats

Lifetime Solo Stats
Tg Delete Stats

Tg Delete has played 261 solo matches so far in which he has 29 wins and 748 skills. His solo K/D ratio is 3.22 and the headshot rate is 31.95%. You can see his solo status in the image given above.

Lifetime Duo Stats
Duo Stats

Tg Delete has played 190 Duo matches in Life Time out of which they have won 57. His total double kills is 703 and his K/D ratio is 5.29. He has a headshot rate of 29.70% with 209 headshots in a duo match.

Lifetime Squad Stats
Squad Stats

Tg Delete has played 6580 squad matches in Free Fire so far, in which he has 1917 wins with 21434 kills. The Squad K/D Ratio of Delete is 4.60 and the Headset Ratio is 29.26. His most kills are 28 in a match.

CS Career Stats

Games Played3010
KDA Ratio3.20
Headshot Rate44.93%
Win Rate77.21%
Double Kills3472
Triple Kills1674
Quadra Kills485

Tg Delete YouTube channel

Tug Delete created their YouTube channel on 14 December 2016. He uploaded the first video on his channel on 9 June 2021. He uploaded the first video only after joining Total Gaming. Currently, Delete has 270K subscribers on its YouTube channel, so far they have uploaded 75 videos on their channel. Delete puts tournament live streams and highlights videos on their YouTube channel. Seeing his performance, his fan following is increasing a lot. He is also called the coming future of Free Fire Esports in India.

Tg Delete Esports Jornay

Delete played for the Hex esports team before joining Total Gaming. Delete played the qualcomm snapdragon tournament while playing for Hax Esports. The prize pools were 25 lakhs and a big team was going to play in them. The tournament which was won by 4Unknown team and Hex Esports came in 5th position in that tournament. Hex Esports They were the Underdog team in the tournament yet their performance was excellent. He also used to play with the Mafia in Hex Esports. Seeing his performance, Total Gaming invited him to their team, Mafia and Delete accepted his invitation and joined Total Gaming. After joining Total Gaming, the fan following of Delete got a huge boost.

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