S8ul Esports Members, Owner, Net Worth & Gaming House

In today’s post we will talk about S8ul Esports. Gaming and Esports is growing very fast in India, Esports has grown a lot in the last few days. S8ul Esports is one of the largest Esports organizations in India.

What is S8UL?

Soul Esports is a partner organization of Soul and 8Bit, formed by Thug, Mortal and Goldie Jain. It is formed by a partnership between two major esports organization Team SouL and 8bit. S8ul Esports is one of the largest gaming organizations in India, with a huge number of content creators and esports players. Team Soul, 8bit and Team Xspark are also part of Soul. 

S8UL İs one of the most beloved esports organization in India and is a home for many popular content creators in Indian gaming community. Soul and 8Bit have merged under the same banner and the co-owners 8bit Thug, 8bit Goldy and Soul Mortal have formed the “most luxurious gaming facility in India”:

S8UL Members

Team Soul

OmegaIGL (in-game Leader)
GoblineEntry Fragger
NeyoooEntry Fragger
Soul AmitCoach
Soul AmanCoach
Soul SidManager

Team 8bit

8bit ThugOwner
8bit GoldyOwner + Invester
JuicyyIGL (in-game Leader)
UltronSupport + assault
RayedEntry Fragger
8bit SuriyaCoach

S8UL Content Creator

Tx Scout8bit Rabel
Tx MaviSherlock
Soul ViperRav3n
RoxSoul Zaref
8bit Mamba8bit Binks
8bit beg4mercyPothead
Payal Gaming Mili Kya Mili
KrutikaYash Jain
Kass PlayVarun Gamer Yt
Ketan (K18)Beast Gaming
8bit Mafiaeight fold Gaming
8bit Akshuprateek Yt
RonakMask Manug
Soul RegaltosSangvan
Snax GamingJoker Ki Haveli
IcieeGamex Pro

S8UL Gaming House 2.0

S8UL Gaming House 2.0 It is built within the partnership of 3 people, 8Bit Thug(Animesh Agarwal), Mortal(Naman Mathur), and 8Bit Goldy(Lokesh Jain). This is made within the partnership of 3 people at this Gaming House was made. The fan following of S8ul Esports is huge in India, S8ul Esports has also won many awards.

S8ul Gaming House is one of the biggest gaming houses in India, which has given great facilities to a lot of content creators and esports players. It took about 1 million dollars to build 8ul Gaming House 2.0. In which all the content creators and esports players have been given a different set-up, which they can customize according to their own.

S8UL Gaming House 2.0 Address

S8ul has just built his new gaming house which is in Mumbai. Gaming House Address – Sector-19, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410210.

S8UL Esports Owner

S8ul Esports is built by 3 people, so they have 3 owners. 8bit Goldy aka Lokesh Jain, Soul Mortal aka Naman Mathur and 8bit Thug aka Animesh Agarwal are the owners of S8ul Esports. He has contributed to the making of S8ul Gaming.

S8UL Esports Net worth

The net worth of S8ul Esports is approximately $6 million. Which is converted into Indian Rupees, it is around 50 crores. It is estimated that so far the members of Soul have not revealed their net worth anywhere.

S8UL Esports Achievement

SoulWinner of Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series – Season 1
SoulPro Warrior Cup S2: Conquest Round 2022
Soul2nd Place in Skyesports Grand Slam 2022
SoulWinner of Pro Warrior Cup Season:1 2022
Soul2nd Position in PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia 2019
SoulWinner of PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: India 2019
SoulWinner of PUBG Mobile India Series 2019
8bitWinner of THUG Invitational 2021
8bit3rd Place in Skyesports Championship 3.0 (2021)

Final Word – This Is Complete Information About S8UL Gaming. S8UL Esports is One Of the Biggest Esports Orageniz In World. There are many content creators in S8ul Esports and there may be more additions in the coming days. All the information has been found out, there may be any change in the future.

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