Team Soul New Bgmi Lineup, Players, Owner, Salary & More

in today Post we talk About Team Soul New Bgmi Lineup, Players, Owner, Salary, Achievement & More

Team Soul is one of the most successful and fan-favourite teams in India. Soul Esports is India’s most experienced Bgmi Esports organization. Soul Esports was started in 2019, Soul Mortal is their owner. In 2019, the Soul team won the PUBG Mobile India Series, which was India’s first major tournament. Recently, the team of Soul has formed their new team, in which Omega will be igling their team. Akshat and the goblins will play the role of Assaulter in Team Soul. Apart from this, Hector will also be part of Team Soul. Soul Viper is also Part of Team Soul, His Play 5th Player Role in Team Soul.

Soul New BGMI Lineup

OmegaIGL (in Game Leader)
HectorEntry Fragger + Assault

Soul Omega 

Soul Omega Real Name is Sahil Jakhar, He is 21 Years Old Professional Esports Player. Omega is the underrated igl, who has won the team many times with his Igling. Omega is the aggressive igl, and their assault is also very good. Before Soul Esports, Omega used to play in the team Chemin Esports And 8Bit, Where his performance was very good. Omega is One Of the Best In-game Leaders in India.

Soul Akshat

Akshat is a Professional Esports Player for Battleground mobile India (Bgmi). Hei’s Currently Playing For Team Soul Esports. Akshat is consistently performing well in the Bgmi Competitive, he is constantly coming in the list of top fraggers. Before Joining Soul Akshat also played in team Chemin Esports and 8bit. Akshat plays the role of Assault and Entry Fragger for his team. In the recently held Sky Esports 3.0 tournament, Akshat finished second in the list of top fraggers with 75 finishes, He also received the Emerging Player of the Tournament Award from Skyesport. Playing for 8 bit, he also played in the Pubg Mobile Club Open Fall Split (Wildcard), in which his team finished in third place. Akshat is a very underrated player, who is going to perform very well in the coming days.

Soul Goblin

Soul Goblin Aka Harsh Paudwal is a professional Esports player for Battle Ground Mobile India, he’s currently playing for Team Soul. Before joining Soul Goblin play For Team insane Esports. Goblins play the role of entry Fragger for their team, their gun game is quite strong. In the recent tournament, the goblins are constantly adding their name to the list of top fraggers. Goblins have gone solo 10 top 12 finishes in a match quite a few times. goblins play bgmi in the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Goblin Play Four Fingers Clow setup With Always Gyroscope on. 

Soul Hector

Hector’s Real Name is Sohail Shaikh, He is an Entry Fragger of Team Soul. Before Joining Soul Hector Play For Team Entity Gaming. Hector is Igl of Entity Gaming, he is also a Good Close Range player and Entry Fragger. Hector Also Gave his Team Entry Fragg during the Fight.

Soul Viper

Soul Viper’s Real Name is Yash Soni, he is a Supporter of Team Soul. Viper is a very experienced player and he has been playing in Team Soul since 2019. Viper is currently playing the role of 5th player in Team Soul. If a player is not available to play, then Wipers play in Team Soul in his place. 

Team Soul Owner

Soul Mortal aka Naman Sandeep Mathur is the Owner Of Team Soul. Apart from this, he is also a part of Teal S8ul, which also has an 8bit thug and Goldy Bhai.

Team Soul Players Salary

According to Thug and Source, Soul Esports Players Salary Between 1 to 2 Lakh per Month.

Team Soul Achievement

  1. Runner up of AMD Skyesport Grand Slam 2022

  2. Winner of Pubg Mobile India Series (PMCO) 2019 (Mortal, Viper, Ronak, Owais)

  3. Winner Of Pubg Mobile Club Open Spring split India 2019 (Mortal, Viper, Ronak, Owais)

  4. 2nd Position in Pubg Mobile Club Open Fall Split South Asia 2019 (Mortal, Viper, ClutchGod, Regaltos)

  5. Runner up of Skyesport Grand Slam 2020 (Mortal, Viper, Regaltos, Sangwan, Aman)

  6. 8th Position in Pubg Mobile Pro League South Asia Season 1 Final 2020 (Mortal, Viper, Regaltos, Sangwan, Aman)

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