Star Gamers Free Fire Uid, Real Name, Income, Phone Number & More

Star Gamers Free Fire Uid, Real Name, Income, Phone Number & More

Free Fire is a Popular Battle Royal in the World, Free Fire craz increases Day by Day. Free Fire gives Many Content Creators and Players All Over the World, Today we are going to talk about one such content creator. 

Who is Star Gamers?

Star Gamers aka Mir Abdul Kalam is a 17 Years Old professional Content Creator for Free Fire. Star Gamers is a resident of Odisha state of India and his age is 17 years now. Star Gamers is a very popular YouTuber, he has more than 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

Star Gamers Free Fire Uid 

Star Gamers Free fire id is 1442345256 and the in-game name is SONU BHAI.

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Short Bio of Star Gamers

Real NameMir Abdul kalam
Nicknamekalam, Sonu Bhai, Star Gamers
Star Gamers Age17 years old
Free Fire UID 1442345256
Star Gamers CountryIndia
Star Gamers Study10 Pass
Free Fire id Level63
Birthday28 September
inpression of Star Gamerstotal gaming
Control2 Finger
DeviceiPhone 13 pro max
YouTube ChannelStar Gamers
YouTube Subscriber3.76 Million

Star Gamers Lifetime FF Stats

Star Gamers has played 990 solo matches so far in which 98 victories have come with 1807 kills. He has a K/D ratio of 2.09 and a 27.84% headshot rate in solo matches, his Most solo kills in one match is 17.

Apart from this, Odisha Youtuber has played 1220 Lifetime Duo matches in which she managed to get 154 booyah, and Kills 2319 Enemy. He has a Duo K/D Ratio of 2.18 and a headshot rate of 23.85%, with 22 most Kills in a Duo match.

The Free Fire Content Creator has played 1593 squad matches so far out of which he managed to get 355 booyah and 4130 kills. He has an excellent K/D ratio of 3.34 and a headshot rate of 22.54% in his squad game. The highest number of kills in his squad game is 25 Kills.

CS Career Stats

Star Gamers has played 2802 Cs career matches so far in which he has done 14269 Fragg with a K/D of 2.74. He turned out to be 1869 booyah by making the 1312 Time MVP. His win rate in his CS career is 66.70% and his headshot rate is 36.84%.

Star Gamers Phone Number

Star Gamers Phone Number is +91-923-689-XXXX. You Also Contact With His Social Media.

Star Gamers YouTube Income

Star Gamers Started their YouTube Channel on 26 May 2020, Till Now His Upload More Than 1K Video On his YouTube Channel. His Upload Free Fire tips And Update Regarding Video on His YouTube Channel. Currently, he has 3.76 Million subscribers on his YouTube Channel.  Star Gamers also has another YouTube channel named Star Army. 

According to Social Blade, a month’s YouTube earnings of Star Gamers range from $6.8K to $108.1K. Which is converted into Indian Rupees, it is between 4 lakhs to 80 lakhs. One year YouTube income of Star Gamers ranges from $81.1k to $1.3 million.

More Questions About Star Gamers

Who is Star Gamers?

Star Gamers is a Professional Free Fire Content Creator.

What is the Age of Star Gamers?

Star Gamers is 17 Years old.

What is the Free Fire Uid of Star Gamers?

Star Gamers Free Fire Uid Number is 1442345256

What is the real name of Star Gamer?

The real name of Star Gamer is Mir Abdul kalam.

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