Team Xspark Owner, Members, Bgmi Lineup, Salary & Achievement

Team Xspark Owner, Members, Bgmi Lineup, Salary & Achievement 

team Xspark Bgmi Lineup

What Is Xspark?

Xspark Is Indian Esports Organization For Battle Ground Mobile India. Scout Aka Tanmay Singh is the Owner of Team Xspark. Scout had made this team in 2019, at that time their team played Aditya, Destro and 420op. Team Xspark also won PMCO 2019 at that time in which Aditya became the MVP. Team Xspark is one of the best teams in India in recent times. Mavi Was igling the team and he comes in the top IGL of India. Gill And Ultron Play Assaulter Roll  And Scout play Support Roll For Team. Clowny is a new Addiction of Team X, he plays 5th player Roll. He is Also a Good Assaulter.

Team Xspark BGMI Lineup

TX MaviAssaulter
420IGL (in Game Leader
TX UltronAssaulter
TX ScoutSupport + Owner

Tx Mavi

Mavi aka Harmandeep Singh is a professional esports player who currently plays for Team Xspark. Mavi was born on 15 July 1998 in Punjab. Mavi has the role of Assault and Igl in Team Xspark, they are counted in India’s Best Igl. Before playing in Team Xspark, he used to play for Team  Soul and Orange Rock. He participated in the PUBG Mobile World League for Orange Rock, where his team performed brilliantly and finished 2nd Position. Mavi  comes top in the list of top Battle Ground Mobile IGL (In-Game  Leader)  in India.  Along with IGL, he is also one of the best Assaulters in India, his close-range game is quite good. It is very difficult to beat Mavi in ​​the TDM.  He has defeated the best player of India in TDM Many times. Mavi is a 2 thumb player and he plays on  Always Gyro on.

Tx Scout

Scout Aka Tanmay Singh is a Professional Battle Ground Mobile Player and currently, he is playing for Team Xspark. Scout is the Owner of his Team, He created team Xspark in 2019. Scout is a very well known Bgmi player, He Is Now 23 Years Old and He Born in Valsad, Gujrat.

Scout is 1st Indian Player who Properly Us M416 With 6X. Many Big Players Inspire to See Scouts. Scout is Also Playing Pubg Mobile World league Season 0 For Team Orange Rock Esports.  Apart From Xspark scout Also Play With 8 Different Teams. Scout 1st Esports Organization is Team IND.

420 Op

420 Op Real Name Is Shivamm Raghav. He is a Assaulter and IGL (in-game Leader) Of Team Xspark. 420 You have just recently joined Team Xspark. Scout told that right now Mavi will focus on Assaulting and 420 will lead the team. 420 You are a very experienced player, he has been in esports for a long time. He played for some team. 

Tx Ultron

Tx Ultron aka Hemanth Sethi is a Professional Esports Player For BGMI. Ultron Play Assaulter Role of Team Xspark. Ultron is Recently Added to Tx Squid. Before Joining Xspark Ultron used to play With Galaxy Racer Celtz Esports. Playing for GXR, he participated in PUBG Mobile Pro League, Arabia Season 1 in which his team finished at 8th position. 

Tx Clowny

Tx Clowny Real Name is Prayjot Prabhakar Adhatrao, He is Currently Playing For Team Xspark. Clowny Play Assaulter and 5th player Role For His team. If Any Xspark players Nor Available to play, then Clowny Replace them. Before Joining Xspark Clowny Play for Team Xo.

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Team Xspark Owner

Scout Aka Tanmay Sing is the Owner Of Team Xspark. Scout Started his Esports Organization in 2019 and After Soom Time Xspark was Disbanded. But now Scout has restarted its esports organization.

Team Xspark Players Salary

According to Reports Team Xspark Players Salary Around 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh Par Months. 

Team Xspark Achievement

  1. 4th Position in Battle Ground Mobile india Series Grind

  2. 4th Position in Red bull M.E.O Season 4

  3. 5th Position in Loco Diwali Battle 2021

  4. Winner Of Pubg Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2020

  5. 2nd Position in Battle of Star Cup 2020

  6. 3rd Position in Pubg Mobile Club Open Fall Split Group Stage (South Asia) 

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