Orange Rock Esports Players, Salary, Owner, Bgmi Lineup, Achievement & More

in today Post we talk About Orange Rock Esports Players, Salary, Owner, Bgmi Lineup, Achievement & More

What Is Orange Rock 

Orange Rock Is US Esports Organization Fore Battle Ground Mobile india. Orange rock is a Very old Esports organisation that was started in 2019. Orange Rock Esports has represented India at the global level, at that time Mavi was her Igl, who currently plays for Team Spark. Now Jelly is Igl (in-game leader) Of Or Esports, he is Very Calm and Cool Igl. Vexe and Aditya are the Entry Fraggers of Orange Rock. Aditya is a Very Good Close Range player, He Always gets Entry Fragg for His team. Evoo Play Support and Assaulter Roll Fore His Team. Anto is the 5th Player Of Orange Rock.

Orange Rock Bgmi Lineup

JellyIGL (in Game Leader)
Aditya Assaulter + Entry Fragger
EvooSupport + Assaulter
AntoEntry Fragger + Assaulter

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Or Jelly

Jelly Is Igl (In Game Leader) Of Orange Rock Esports. Jelly is Recently Added for Or Squad, Before that Destro used to do Igling but Destro has just joined Skylight Gaming. Jelly is very cool and Calm Igl.

Or Vexe

Vexe aka Arth Trivedi is an Assaulter of Orange Rock Esports. Vexe joined Orange Rock in July 2021, Before that he used to play for Mega Star Esports. He has also become an MVP in Week 2 of the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia. Apart from this he Also won Big Tournament Like Pubg Mobile Pro League Season 1, IGPL Esports Cup and IQQQ All-Star Cup. 

Or Aditya

Or Aditya is a professional Esports player for Battle Ground Mobile India, He currently plays for Team Orange Rock.Or Aditya’s real name is Aditya, and the in-game name is Aditya Jod. Aditya comes in India’s top Assaulter, his close-range game is quite good. Before joining Team Orange Rock, he played for Team Xspark. Aditya considers Scout as his idol. Aditya has become the winner of Pubg Mobile Club Open (Fall split) 2020, Aditya was the top fragger in pmco with the highest finishes.

Or Evoo

Or Evoo Aka Mohammed Shahil is an Assaulter Of Orange Rock Esports. Evoo Started his Esports Career in 2018. Before Joining Or Evoo Play Total 6 Different Teams. Evoo is Also part Of team Xspark in Pmco 2019. Evoo and Aditya play Together for a Long time, Their, synergy is also Very Good. He Will Also Play For Team Godlike In 2019.

Or Anto

Or Anto aka Joi Michel is an Assaulter and 5th Player of Orange Rock Esports. Anto Is Oldest Members of Orange Rock in Current Lineup. Anto Play Godlike Esports before Joining Or, He Also Played Pubg Mobile Club Open (South Asia) For team Godlike.

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Orange Rock Team Owner

Ribbiz Aka Bharat Kiran Reddy is the Manager Of OR Esports. Dhruv Gupta Is the Coach Of Team Orange Rock.

Orange Rock Esports Player Salary

Orange Rock is a United States Esports Organization in India. Orange Rock Esports player Salary Around 100K to 150K Par Months.

Orange Rock Esports Achievement

  1. Winner of IQQQ All-Star Cup 2021
  2. 2nd Position in Pubg Mobile World League Season 0
  3. Winner Of ESL India premium ship final in 2020
  4. Winner of VLT invitation Tournament Season 2 in 2020
  5. Winner Of Pubg Mobile Pro League South Asia Season 1
  6. Winner Of Nimo Tv Battel Royal 2020
  7. Winner Of VLT invitation Tournament Season 1 in 2020
  8. 2nd Position in Pubg Club Open Spring split 2020
  9. 2nd Position in Pubg Mobile India Tour 2020

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