Top 10 Best Free Fire Esports Player In India 2022


Top – 10 Best Free Fire Esports Player In India 2022

Best Free Fire Esports Player In India


The Esports craze is increasing Day by Day in India. These awards are a way to recognize the efforts of all Indian players and personalities who work hard for Indian esports. Garena has always surprised players with exciting new content. These tournaments were entertaining throughout the year with first-class gameplay from the best Free Fire players in India. Free Fire hosts many eSports tournaments and games where different players have the opportunity to showcase their exceptional skills in these matches.


These top players can be seen quite often on the professional scene, as well as in tournaments and leagues. It was these players who performed brilliantly during the major Free Fire tournaments in 2021, not only because they could kill a lot of players, but also because of the impact they had on their teams, as well as their unique playstyle and skills. However, some players are highly regarded for their mechanics and play skills.

List of 10 Best Free Fire Esports Player In India 2022


10. Mr Jay

Mar Jay’s real name is Jayesh Yadav and he is a resident of Delhi. Jayesh is 19 years old and plays Free Fire for Tsm Esports. Jai is an all-rounder player. He does all the guns very well but his favourite gun is the sniper. He does the role of sniping on behalf of his team. With his good gameplay, he has made his team win many tournaments. Jai made the most Kills in the Free Fire India Championship held last year. Jai’s YouTube channel name is Mr Jaye on which he streams the tournament live. He currently has 80K subscribers on his YouTube channel. Jay is a very underrated player, he is the Future of Indian Free fire Esports.


9. mafia Bala

Mafia Bala Aka Vorahit Kumar Nilesh is Professional Esports Players For Total Gaming. Mafia Age Is 20 Years And he is Allrounder Player For TG. He works to give cover to his team. Mafia Bala has been a Big Contribution For His Team To winning big tournaments like Boyaaa Summer League, Free Fire Pro League, Boyaa Steamer Royal, Free Fire India Championship And Many More. He started his YouTube channel on 30 July 2016, and now he has 95k subscribers on his YouTube channel. He uploads free fire live streams and highlights videos on his channel.


8. Vasiyo Crj

When VASIYO CRJ7 played for the Total gaming team, he won the 2020 India Free Fire Championship. He has also won various tournaments for his team such as the 2021 Free Fire India Championship. VASIYO CRJ7 has participated in many esports and tournaments. different teams such as Total gaming, The mafia and many others.

VasiyoCRJ7 has been on the eSports scene for a long time, so he knows all the best tricks to defeat even the most experienced players. With these skills, he can win any ranked match and easily reach the grandmaster level. It also offers exceptional conditions in a single-player, duel and team game modes

7. Iconic

Og Iconic Aka Dev Kumar Yaduvanshi is a professional Esports Player And Content Creator For Team Orangutan. Iconic is 20 years old and he hails from Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Iconic hails from an Agra middle-class family, his father is in the Indian Army and his mother is in the police. Iconic started playing Free Fire in 2019, Iconic first came into the limelight during the India Today tournament. In that tournament, Iconic’s team came in 2nd position while performing brilliantly.

Iconic entered Free Fire Esports in 2019, their first team name was Nightmare. Playing for Nightmare, he participated in the tournament organised by India Today in 2019, which had a huge prize pool. Nightmare’s team came second in India Today’s 35 lakh prize pool tournament. In that tournament, Iconic’s team won 4 lakh rupees, which was a lot at that time. The tournament organised by India Today was held in Delhi and Iconic got the silver medal in that tournament and it was proved. 

After that, he joined another team in which Killer used to play with him. While playing with Killer, he got those offers from Team Elite and he also joined Team Elite with Killer. Right now he plays for Team Orangutan and Killer also plays with him from the same team. A killer is a very good friend of Iconic, once during an interview, Iconic was asked the question, Who is your favourite teammate?” Then Iconic wrote the name of the killer on the board and told everyone.


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6. Tahir Fuego

Tahir has also played in many esports tournaments and matches with various teams but is currently playing with one of the top esports teams known as GALAXY RACER. Tahirfuego is known for his shotgun skills and is known as one of the best shooters in India. He has the highest rating among Free Fire players, whose pairing with TSG Ritik is well known in the gaming community. He has incredible skills and even has a team called “Two Side Gamers”.

He is a member of the BOSS guild and has played over 19,116 team games. He plays for the “NESC-IND” guild and is considered by many professional players to be one of the best in the world. His guild is NESC-IND and he has reached the grandmaster level many times.

5. Pahadi

Pahadi Aka Lokesh is 19 Years Old Professional Esports Player For Team Eliteog.

Pahad Is From Delhi and He is The Best Sniper Player in The World. PAHADI also received the Free Fire eSports award for Best Sniper of the Year. Pahadi Double Sniper Game Is Very Good, He Used Double Sniper in Free Fire Tournament. Pahadi Gamesence And Double Sniper Action are Very Good. Pahadi Recently Play free fire for team Orangutan Esports and He is the In-Game leader of His team. Pahadii Gaming started its YouTube Journey in 2019 And Currently, It has 1.43 Million Subscribers On its YouTube Channel.

4. Tsg Legend

Tag Legend Aka Bhavesh Lakhvani is 17 Years Old Professional Esports Player For Tsg Esports. Legend Live From India Capital Delhi.

TSG is a renowned mobile content producer in India and one of the Top 10 Free Fire Developers in India. TSG Legend is also known as one of the most dangerous free fire players in India. His skills and playing skills can freely advance him to the best ranked battles of the heroic league. His talent and playing skills can easily lead him to ranked matches of the highest hero level. Tsg Legend has 1.2 Million Subscription On His YouTube Channel.


3. Swastik

Swastik aka Swastik Madhukar is 19 Years Old Performance Esports player For Free Fire. Swastik Play Esports for His Team 4Unknow, He team is One of The Best Free fire team in India. Swastika was earlier known by the name of Ad and he used to play Free Fire with Ajju Bhai. But Unfortunately for some reason an AD named ID was banned, SWASTIK had to leave the game on fire. But Some Time his Back And Create Own Esports Organization and perform Brilliantly. Swastik Gameplay is very good and fast, His gameplay has made him win many tournaments for his team 4 Unknown. Swastik is s Very underrated player for free fire gaming community he is only 6K Subscriber on his YouTube Channel, his YouTube Channel Name Is Swastik FF.

2. killer FF

Killer FF aka adiya Singh Sikarwar is Professional Esports Player, his play for Orangutan Elite Squid. Killer is From Uttarpradesh, India and He is 18 Years old Now. The killer is also known as one tap king in esports. His ability to hit one tap is very good. Killer is a rising star who can win India at the global level in the coming days. Killer has made his team Good Performance in many tournaments, which include Free Fire India Championship 2021, Boyaaa Streamer Royal and Free FirTri-Series 2021. Also Killer Is  MVP in Free Fire India Championship 2021 and Free Fire Pro League India. 

Killer FF Started his YouTube Channel in 22 July 2017, and Currently his YouTube Channel has 383K Subscriber.  his Upload Free Fire tournament Highlights Video and Live Streaming their YouTube Channel.

1. Tg Delete

Tg Delete Aka Narai Yadav is a professional Esports player for Free Fire. He currently plays for Total Gaming Esports. Tg Delete plays the role of Rusher and Assault on behalf of his team. Tg Delete is India’s No.1 Rusher player, he always gets an entry while playing in front of his team. After Delete joined Total Gaming, the performance of his team has become very good, many recent tournaments have been won by tg Gaming. Tg Delete is also called India’s No. 1 Esports player, his game sense and coordination with his team is very good.

Delete played for the Hex esports team before joining Total Gaming.

Delete played the qualcomm snapdragon tournament while playing for Hax Esports. The prize pools were 25 lakhs and a big team was going to play in them. The tournament which was won by the 4Unknown team and Hex Esports came in 5th position in that tournament. Hex Esports They were the Underdog team in the tournament yet their performance was excellent. He also used to play with the Mafia in Hex Esports. Seeing his performance, Total Gaming invited him to their team, Mafia and Delete accepted his invitation and joined Total Gaming. After joining Total Gaming, the fan following of Delete got a huge boost.

He deserves to be Best Free Fire Esport player in india for his amazing playing skills and playing efficiency.


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Final Word – So here’s a list of the top 10 Best Free Fire esports Players in india based on their recent performances. The esports scene used to be limited to one or two teams, but now it has expanded and there are different teams for several other games. The number of users, players who play online, especially increased during the Covid era. Gamers fell in love with watching such amazing live broadcasts and videos.

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