Top 10 Best Bgmi Players in india 2022

Top 10 Best Battleground mobile india (BGMI) Players in India 2022

Best Bgmi player in india
Top Bgmi player in India


Battle Ground Mobile India is a popular game made by Krafton for India, Battle Ground Mobile India game is only for India so we will talk about Indian players only. There are a lot of esports players in India, but today we are going to talk about the top 10 best players in India right now. We have selected 10 players based on their current form and the performance of the last few tournaments.

1. Godl Jonathan

Jonathan is the Best Bgmi player in India. Jonathan comes top in the list of top BGMI players of India. Jonathan currently plays for Team Godlike, Before this, he used to play in Tsm Entity and Team Tapatap. Jonathan is in the top fragger list of every tournament and mostly he comes in 1st position. Solo 16 kills have come out in Jonathan PMIS 2020 which is the most by any Indian in Tournaments. In the World League, Jonathan was in 2nd position on the kill leaderboard with 141 kills. Together they also had a solo chicken dinner with a 7 kill. Jonathan plays two Fingers Clow set up with Alway’s gyro on.

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2. Soul Mavi

Mavi aka Harmandeep Singh is a player of Team Soul. Mavi Considered being the best player at close range. It is very difficult for any player to beat Mavi at close range. Mavi previously played in the team Orange Rock, where his performance was very good, he brought Orange Rock to 2nd place in the World League. Mavi is the IGL of his team and his Igling is very good, he takes his team to the final circles almost every time. Mavi is one of the best IGL in India.

3. Godl Zgod

ZGod aka Abhishek Choudhary is a 19-year-old Professional esport player, who plays for Team God Like. Zgod is one of the best support players in India. ZGod lives in Jaipur, Rajasthan. He’s Played Four Fingers Clow Setup with Always gyro on. Zgod Plays as an Assault and Supporter Roll for the team. Zgod was the top fragger and damage dealer in the pmco of 2019. 

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4. Skylightz Gamlaboy

Gamla Boy aka Tushar Das is a 21-year-old professional Esports player, who plays for Team Skylights Gaming. Earlier, he played with Team Future station. Gamlaboy is an underrated star who is going to do very well in the times to come. team skylight gaming Consistently performing in every tournament, in which Gamla Boy has a huge contribution. Gamla Boy’s name may not be that big but his performance remains excellent in every tournament. 

5. Soul Regaltos

Soul Regaltos aka Parv Singh is a 21-year-old professional Esports player From Delhi, who plays for Team Soul. Sol Regaltos works as an assaulter for his team, He is a great assaulter at close range. The fan following of Soul Regaltos is also very high, Team Soul is the biggest fan following a team of India. Soul Regaltos is known for its aggressive gameplay and great game plan. After joining Team Soul, Pubg Mobile Club Open Fall split was the first tournament of Regaltos, in which his team’s performance was at the top level. He performed brilliantly in Team Soul in the tournament and secured the 2nd position.

6. Tsmftx Ninja

If you have seen the Competitive Scream of BGMI ( Battle Ground Mobile India), then you must have known Tsmftx Ninja. Known for his reflexes, the Ninja has come out with a lot of clutches in the past few days. Another name for domination is a ninja. The ninja considers Jonathan and Scout as his idols, which they have mentioned on his Instagram. Tsmftx Ninja is an 18-year-old professional esports player who currently plays for Team Tsm ftx eSports. Ninja is a full Gyro player with 2 fingers Clow setup. Ninja plays BGMI on Android, his device is the OnePlus 8. Scout has also recently praised Ninja a lot. The ninja considers Jonathan as his idol and his BGMI control is similar to that of Jonathan’s. He is also a thumb player like Jonathan. Ninja plays the role of Assaulter and Entry Fragger for his team. His gun game is quite good. In the tournaments since the launch of Bgmi, the ninja has been on the list of top fraggers every time. Ghatak also recently Appreciated Ninja by posting his Instagram story. 


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7. Team Ind Snax

Team ind Snax real name is Raj Varma and he is a 20-year old Bgmi (Battle ground mobile India) Esports player from Hyderabad, Telangana. Snax currently plays with Team Ind. Ind Snax Play Four Fingers Clow setup with Always gyro on. Team Ind performance is consistent in every tournament. Recently, Battle Ground Mobile had organized its launch party event, in which Team Ind won the tournament by taking out 3 Chicken Dinners in a row. Snax’s favourite bgmi gun is the dp28, on which his control is superb. Snax comes in the top Indian players of the mid range.

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8. Xo Punkk

Pankk’s real name is Ashutosh Singh, he is a 19-year-old professional Esports player who lives in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. Punkk is the rising star of Battle Ground Mobile India which is famous for its clutch. Punkk currently plays with Team Xo, before that he used to play in Team Mayam. Punkk has clutched 1 vs 4 Many times. In the last few days, the name Punkk has become quite popular. Punkk Play Four Fingers Clow setup with Always gyro on. Recently, Haster organized a TDM tournament in which India’s best player participated. Punkk reached the finals in the tournament where he was pitted against India’s best Assolter Jonathan. Punk lost in the final but gave a tough fight to Jonathan, Jonathan also praised Punkk on his stream. Recently, Bgmi had organized an after party event in which Team Xo’s leadership was very spectacular, they won this tournament.

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9. Xspark Gill

Gill Aka Arshpreet Singh is a 21 years old professional Esports player For Team Xspark. Gill plays Four Fingers Clow setup with Always gyro on. Gill plays the role of Assaulting for his team, Gill comes in this India’s top bgmi snipers. Gill has played Pubg Mobile World League for Orange Rock. Orange Rock’s performance in the World League was superb.Orange Rock came on 2nd position in the World League. Gill’s Survive skill is very good, he sometimes takes his team to the top 5 by Survive alone. Gill has played in Orange Rock before Xspark.

 10. 7SEA Spraygod

Spraygod plays for 7 Sea Esports, His performance there is always superb. Spraygod play 4 fingers Clow setup with Always gyro on. Spraygod plays the role of an assault and entry fragger for his team. Spraygod sometime the clutches have gone out in the battle ground mobile. Spraygod’s mid range spray is very good, he sometimes knocks the player of the vehicle. Spraygod is an underrated player who is consistently performing well.


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