Top best BGMI Team in india 2022

best BGMI Team in india 2022

Battle Ground Mobile India is a popular game made by Krafton for India, Battle Ground Mobile India game is only for India so we will talk about Indians Team only. After the release of Battle Ground Mobile India, competitive matches have started happening a lot. Esports is growing very fast in India. 

The Battle Ground Mobile India series is about to start very early, in which every team would like to perform well. The whole team is working very hard right now.There are a lot of battle ground mobile team in India, but we will talk about those 6 teams which are performing consistently well. And may win the upcoming tournament. The information given by us is based on the performance of the teams in the last few days.


Best bgmi Team india (images by

Godlike Rosters
JonathanAssaulters + Supporters
ZGodSupporters + Assault
NeyooEntry Fregger + Assault

Godlike is the best aggressive team in India with top quality players. All the players of Godlike have been playing together for a long time, due to which their synergy is very good. Before this, players of Godlike have played with Tsm Entity and Team Tapatap. Every Godlike player has the ability to clutch and has proved it many times. Godlike Team IGl is a ClutchGod, he is a very Aggressive Igl in india. India’s best player Jonathan is also in Godlike’s team. The players of GodLike earlier used to play in Tsm entity but recently they have been hired in GodLike. The team has changed but their performance remains the same.

Godlike team strategy.
Team GodLike always focuses on finishing points more than position points, their most of the time finish points are more than position 
points. Godlike takes a fight on the corner of the zone till the 3rd circle and after that he holds the center. He tries to get more finishing points by playing from the center.

Orange Rock (OR)

Best bgmi team in india (images by or Esports)

Orange Rock Roster
GillSniper + Support
DestroAssaulter + igl
AdityaEntry Fregger

Orange Rock is a consistent performing team that stays in the top 5 in every tournament. Orange Rock is famous for holding the center of the zone. Orange Rock is a very experienced team that has been able to play in big tournaments like PUBG Mobile World League. Orange Rock’s performance in the World League was superb. Orange Rock came in 2nd position in the Pubg Mobile World League. At that time, Orange Rock igl was Mavi, but now Mavi has joined Team Soul. Even after the departure of Mavi, there has been no decrease in the performance of Orange Rock. 
Orange Rock strategy
Orange Rock is known for Zone center hold, playing from the center, he easily takes the team into the top five.Orange Rock avoids the beginning fight and keeps all its players alive in End Zone, Due to which they get a lot of advantage in the final circle.

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Team Ind

Team Ind (images by ind Esports)

Team ind Rosters
SnaxAssault + Support
DaljitskSniper + Assault
KratoshIGL (in game leader)
AttankyEntry Fregger

Team Ind is a very experienced team that has been in esports for a long time.Team Ind is famous for consistently performing well. Ind players have been playing together for a long time, due to which their strategy and Coordination are very good. Ind has also won the first event of Battle Ground Mobile, the launch party. At the launch party, Ind had 3 chicken dinners in a row. 

Team ind Strategy
Team India’s drop location is on the corner of the map, due to which the first zone starts looting them. After The 3rd circle, he goes straight to the center of the Zone. Team Ind IGL is kratos, he’s Zone prediction is quite accurate.

Skylightz Gaming

Skylightz Gaming (images by Skylightz Gaming)

Skylightz Gaming Roster
PukarAssaulter + Scout
Ronakentry Fregger

Skylightz Gaming is consistently performing well in every tournament. Skylightz Gaming has consistently been in the top 5 in all the tournaments that have taken place since the launch of Bgmi. Saumraj is the IGL (in game leader) of the Skylightz gaming team, his igling is very good. Gamlaboy and Pukar play the role of the Assaulter and Ronak is their team’s entry fregger.
 Skylightz Gaming Strategy
Skylightz Gaming always plays by giving priority to the zone. He would go to the center of the zone by ignoring the fight of the beginning, after going to the center he takes the finishing point. Skylightz Gaming wins tournaments with consistent performances. He tries to get 10-12 points from every match.

Galaxy Racer

Galaxy Racer bgmi (images by galaxy

Galaxy Racer Roster
MJentry Fregger
MaxkashSupport + Assault

Galaxy Racer India has a very popular esports team, Owais leads this team. When Owais doesn’t play, Rox does the Galaxy Racer’s Igling. Rox is also a very good Igl. In the last few days, Galaxy Racer has been performing consistently well. She competes with big teams such as GodLike, she has the most likely wins in boot camp fights with GodLike. MJ is the best Assaulter of this team who has clutched many times. 
Galaxy Racer strategy
The Galaxy Racer initially focuses on finish points and then holds the centre of zone and takes more finishes off. Sanok’s is favorite map of Galaxy Racer, on which his performance is very good.

Team XO

ImmortalSupport+ heal Battle

Team Xo has hired the players of Mayhem. team XO is consistently performing well, he comes in the top five in every tournament. Sensei is the Igl of Team Xo, who comes in the top Igl of India. Sensei’s zone prediction is very good, he takes his team to the center every time.Punnk works as an Assaulter in this team. Immortal Famous for Heal Battle.
Team xo strategy
The team Xo likes to play from the center of Zone. He constantly tries to collect 10-12 points in every match. If the players of his team become an early element in Sanhok map, then Immortal heal-Battle brings the team to the top 5 easily.

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