Top 5: Best IGL in Battle Ground Mobile india (Bgmi)

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Who is IGL 

Igl aka in game leader is the team member whose call is followed by the whole team. The role of IGL (in game Leader) is very important in any team, he guides its team. Igl gives a call to his team and helps during the Zone rotation. A good igl is the one who can lead his team to the final circles without any loss to him.There are many Igl in Battleground Mobile India, so we will talk about 5 who come on top in India. In this article, tell that Igl is according to the most recent form, This list has been made on the basis of the team’s zone rotation and performance in the recent tournament. 

Xo Sensei 

Deepak Negi aka Xo Sensei is a professional Bgmi esports player and Igl of Team Xo.The performance of Team Xo has been very good in the recent past, in which Sensei’s role has been much better. Sensei zone prediction and rotation are very good, he takes his team to the final circles many times. The team Xo avoids the start fight and catches Zone’s center. After going to the center and focusing on taking the finish point, due to which his team performs well by putting it. Sensei is an underrated IGL, But his Igling skills are superb. Sensei has been Igling for Team Mayhem and VR1 before Team Xo. Achievement 

  • Winner of Bgmi X loco india ki After party


Ind Kratosh 

Ind Kratos aka samir choubey is an IGL of Team Pvx Ind. Ind is the oldest Oregonian in India who hasn’t changed his roster yet. The players of Ind play together for a long time, due to which their coordinator is better. Ind consistently performs well in all tournaments, he tries to be in top 5 in every tournament. Kartos is a passive igl, hei’s avoids the fight in the beginning, and focuses on more position points. Ind also won the first tournament (bgmi launch party) after the launch of Battleground Mobile India. 


Ind Winner of Bgmi Launch party 2021
Ind Winner of Sky Esports Grand Final 2019
Ind Winner of Fanatic Lockdown invitation 2020
ind 5th Position on Pubg Mobile club open (South asia) 2019
Ind 2nd Position on Pubg mobile Super Heroes Battle 2020

Ces Omega 

Omega is the Professional Bgmi Esports player and Igl of Team Chemin Esports. Omega is the underrated igl, who has won the team many times with his Igling. Omega is the aggressive igl, and their assault is also very good. Before Chemin Esports, Omega used to play in team 8bit, Where his performance was very good. Chemin Esports has been consistently performing since the launch of Bgmi, they try to be in the top 5 in every tournament 
CES 3rd Position on Upthrust Ranbhoomi Season 1
CES Champion of Loco war of Glory Week 3
8Bit 3rd position on Sky Esports championship 3.0 Final
8Bit Winner of Thug Invitational Tournament
8Bit 3rd position on Pubg Mobile club open fall split 2020

Godl ClutchGod 

Vivek Aabhas aka ClutchGod is an IGL of Team Godlike Esports. ClutchGod is a most Aggressive igl in india. GodLike is India’s No.1 bgmi team with top quality players. Godlike’s team focuses on finishing points more than position points. ClutchGod initially focuses on taking the finish points by taking the fight, and then he catches the center of the zone. Every Godlike player has the ability to clutch. Godlike’s performance has been consistently good since the launch of Bgmi. Clutchgod has also done Igling at the international level, where his team’s performance was excellent 


GodlikeWinner Of Sky Esports championship 3.0
GodlikeWinner Of Bgmi 1.6.0 The fall Season Face Of 2021
GodlikeWinner Of Loco War of Glory (Villagers Esport)
GodlikeWinner Of Upthrust Loco Tournament Week 1
GodlikeWinner of Upthrust Ranbhoomi Season 1 Final
Tsm6th Position on Pubg Mobile World league Season 0 Final
TsmWinner of Pubg Mobile India Series 2020
Tsm2nd Position on Pubg Mobile Pro League season 1 (South asia)
TsmWinner of India Today League 2020
TsmMVP Of Pubg Mobile Pro League South Asia Final 2020
Soul2nd Position on Pubg Mobile Club open fall split South asia 2019
Revenge EsportsWinner of Pubg Mobile India Tour 2019

Xspark Mavi

Mavi aka Harmandeep Singh is a professional Esports player And Igl Of Team Xspark. Mavi is one of the top IGL in the world. Mavi has played in the team of Orange Rock, Soul and Indian Tiger. Currently, Mavi plays in Team Xspark, which is the team of his friend Scout. Mavi is famous for his zone prediction, his zone prediction and rotation are very good. Mavi is a great close range player, it is very difficult to beat him in the TDM. Mavi has played in the Pubg Mobile World League for Orange Rock, where his team came in 2nd position. He missed out on winning the World League by a very small margin.

Orange Rock2nd position On Pubg Mobile World league Season 0
Orange RockWinner of ESL india premiership 2020
Orange RockWinner of VLT invitationals Tournament Season 1
Orange RockWinner of Pubg Mobile pro league South asia Season 1
Orange RockWinner of Nimo Tv Battleground Season 1
Orange RockWinner of VLT invitationals Tournament 2020
Orange Rock2nd Position on Pubg Mobile Club open Spring split 2020
Orange Rock2nd Position on Pubg Mobile India Tour 2019
Indian Tiger3rd Position on Pubg Mobile Club open Spring split 2019
Apart from this, there are still more igl in India whose skills are very good, in which I would like to mention Tsm Shadow. Shadow’s igling has been very good recently, he has given his team a good position many times in recent tournaments.

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