White FF id, Custom hud, Sensitivity, Logo & Free Fire Stats

In today’s post we will talk about white ff, white ff logo, white ff custom hud, white ff id and white ff sensitivity

Who is White FF

White FF is a professional free fire player and Youtuber from Brazil. whose gameplay is very good, Everyone is crazy about his gameplay. White FF is also called a fast gloowall player in the world. His gloowall making speed is very fast, due to which his fan following is also very high. 

White ff is one of the best players in Brazil, his Accuracy is on point with speed movement. White FF have 2 million subscribers on their YouTube channel, so far they have put 263 videos on their channel. White ff is also called the fastest player as well as the shotgun king. White ff is one of the best players in Brazil, his fan following is very high in Brazil, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh as well. 

White FF Free Fire id (UID)

White FF Free fire id is 43472822.

White FF Custom hud

White FF Custom hud

White FF Play 3 Fingers Settings, Seeing their settings, many players have started playing 3 fingers and they consider them as their idol.

White FF Country and Server

White Fife plays for Brazil server and his country is Brazil. He is one of the best players on the Brazil server.

White FF Free Fire Stats

White FF

White ff has played 12209 solo matches so far, out of which he has won 582 matches and done 21058 kills. His headshot rate is 49.85 and the K/D ratio is 1.85. 

Talking about Duo matches, White ff has played 5900 matches out of which he has won 332 matches and his kill is 10191.

So far White ff has played 4060 squad games in which 5735 skills with 380 wins.

White FF Sensitivity

White FF Sensitivity

  • General: 100
  • Red Dot: 100
  • 2X Scope: 100
  • 4X Scope: 100
  • AWM Scope: 79
  • Free Look: 50

This is the sensitivity of white ff, you can use it if you want.

White FF YouTube

White FF started his YouTube channel on 15 November 2015. He used to put handcam and headshots videos on his channel. Seeing his gameplay, his fan following slowly started increasing and now he has a massive 2 million subscribers on his channel. White FF has so far uploaded 264 videos on his channel and has 8.3 million views on his highest watch videos. Right now White FF is one of the popular free fire youtubers in Brazil. 

More Questions About White FF

What is the id of White ff

White FF id is 43472822

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White FF

Which is Country Fore White ff


Who is best Free Fire player in Brazil Server

White FF is one of the best Player in Brazil Server

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