Tg Mafia Free Fire Id, Real Name, Guild, Age, Stats And Biography

In today’s post we will talk about Tg Mafia Free Fire Id, Real Name, Guild, Age, Photo, Stats, and Biography

Who is Tg Mafia

Tg Mafia aka Daksh Garg is a professional Free Fire Esports player who plays for Total Gaming. Mafia plays the role of a sniper for his team, he is counted among the top sniper players of India. Tg Gaming’s performance in the recent tournament has been very good, they are doing well consistently. Mafia joined Total Gaming on 13th May 2021 with Delete. The performance of Total gaming in the recently held Free Fire Winter Invitation and Esports Premium Series was excellent. They came in second position in both the tournaments.

Tg Mafia Free Fire id (Uid)

Tg Mafia’s Free Fire id is 495094591 and their in-game name is TG-MAFIAA.

Tg Mafia Biography

Real NameDaksh Garg
In game NameTG-MAFIAA
Free Fire Uid495094591
Age16 Years
Current TeamTG (Total Gaming) Esports
DevicesiPhone 11 pro max
Current liveN/A
Hair ColourBlack
Eyes ColourBlack
Marriage StatusNot Marriage
Favourite GameFree Fire
BestfriendTG Delete
HobbiesPlaying Game

Tg Mafia Guild Id

Tg Mafia’s Guild id is 60920276 and Tg Mafia Guild Leader is tg fozy ajay.

Tg Mafia YouTube

Tug Mafia started its YouTube channel on 14th May 2021. So far, he has uploaded 117 videos on his YouTube channel and has 71K YouTube subscribers. Mafia puts tournament live streams and highlights videos on their YouTube channel, which is liked by a lot of people and their fan following is also increasing. Before joining Total Gaming, Mafia used to play in Hex Esports, where he received an invitation from Total Gaming after seeing his performance. He joined Total Gaming with Tg Delete, Tg Delete has been playing with the mafia for a long time and their friendship is also very good.

Tg Mafia FF Stats

Lifetime Solo Stats

Mafia has played 4476 solo matches so far in which they have 9644 kills and they have won 286 matches. He has a K/D ratio of 2.30 and a headshot rate of 34.59% in a solo match. He has 35 highest kills in a solo match.

Lifetime Duo Stats

Mafia has played 2631 Duo matches, they have done 7340 kills and they have won 293 Duo matches. He has a Duo K/D ratio of 3.14 and a headshot rate of 35.19%. he has 22 Highest Kills in Duo matches.

Lifetime Squad Stats

Mafia has played 9592 squad games so far in which 24980 skills have been played with a K/D ratio of 3.10. He has won 1528 matches out of the squad matches he has played. his headshot rate is 34.54% and most kills in matches are 37 kills.

CS Career Stats

• More Questions About Tg Mafia

What is Tg Mafia Free fire id

TG Mafia free fire id is 495094591

What is Real Name of tg Mafia

Tg Mafia Real Name is Daksh Garg

What is tg mafia guild uid

TG Mafia Guild uid is 60920276

Who is the leader of the Tg Mafia Guild

Tg Mafia Guild Leader is tg fozy ajay

How old is Tg Mafia

Tg Mafia is a 16 years old free fire player

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