Tsm Ftx Bgmi Lineup, Players, Owner, Esport Salary & Achievement

Tsm Ftx Bgmi Lineup, Players, Owner, Esport  Salary, Plyers Roll, IGL & Achievement

What is Tsmftx

Tsm ftx is United States Esports Organization For Battle Ground Mobile India. Andy Din is the Owner Of Tsm ftx. TSM Full Form is Team Solomid. Tsmftx is a Bgmi Esports team, his performance in the recent Pass was very Good. Tsmftx is a Very Aggressive Lineup and his Team Scenergy Is Very Good.

Tsmftx played in Team St8 before Tsm, but after the launch of BGMi Tsm (Team Solo Meed) was higher than the player of St8. Tsm performance is very good in all the tournaments that are being held in Bgmi right now. He is in the top 5 in every tournament. In the recent top 5 bgmi teams, the name of Tsmftx is here. His Gun game and coordination is top-level. Tsmftx Shadow is an IGL of the Team. Aquanox and Ninja are the Assaulter of Tsmftx. Blaze played a Support Role For his Team.

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Tsm Ftx Bgmi Lineup

Tsmftx ShadowIGL (in Game Leader)
Tsmftx NinjaAssaulter + Entry Fragger
Tsmftx AquanoxAssaulter
Tsmftx BlazeSupporter
Tsmftx RobinAssaulter

Tsmftx Shadow

Tsmftx Shadow Aka Arjun Mandhalkar is a Professional Esports Player For Battle Ground Mobile India. He Currently Plays For Team Tsmftx. Shadow is the IGL (in-game leader) of his team and his Igling is very good. Shadow is one of the emerging IGL of India. Shadow is a very old esports player but he has come into the limelight after joining Team TSMFTX.

Tsmftx Ninja 

Tsmftx Ninja aka Saho Subham Rajan is an 18-year-old professional esports player who currently plays for Team Tsm ftx Esports. Ninja is a full Gyro player with 2 fingers Clow setup. If you have seen the Competitive Scream of BGMI ( Battle Ground Mobile India), then you must have known Tsmftx Ninja. Known for his reflexes, the Ninja has come out with a lot of clutches in the past few days. Ninja Gamsen and Gun Game are very Good.

Tsmftx Aquanox

Tsmftx Aquanox aka Harsh Rao is a Professional Esport player For Battle Ground Mobile India. Aquanox currently plays for Team Tsmftx. Aquanox Play 3 finger claws setup with Always Gyroscope on. Aquanox does not use thumbs to control his game, he controls the game only with his 3 fingers. Aquanox is famous for his reflexes and quick sniper shot, his sniping is very good. After the launch of Bgmi, the performance of Tsmftx has been very good in every tournament, they consistently come in the top 5 in every tournament. Aquanox plays the role of assault for his team. His assaulting is very good, he has done 1 vs 4 clutch Many times.

Tsmftx Blaze

Tsmftx Blaze aka Hamza Khozema is a professional Esports Player of BGMI. Blaze Played a Support Role For Tsmftx Team. Blaze is a very Good Support player and he Also filters off his Team. Blaze Is one Of The Best DMR Players In India.

Tsmftx Esports Owner

Tsmftx Esports is an American Esports Organization in India. Tsmftx Owner is Andy Din.

Tsmftx Players Salary

Tsmftx Players Salary is Around 1 Lakh to 1.5 Lakh Par Months.

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Tsmftx Achievement

  1. winner Skyesports Mobile Open 

  2. 2nd position on Oneshot Showdown Season 2 

  3. Winner Of  OR Championship League 2021

  4. 2nd Position on ultra gear invitational Season 1( 2021)

  5. Winner of Upthrust Mahayudh Season 2 (2021)

  6. 3rd Position in Quantum Cup 2021

  7. 2nd position on Esports Club Invitational Tournament 2021

  8. 6th Position on IQ All-Star Cup 2021

  9. Qualified For BGIS Final 2022

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