BGMI / Pubg Points System, Battle Ground Mobile India Points Distribution.

BGMI / Pubg Points System, Battle Ground Mobile India Points Distribution and Table.

Battle Ground Mobile India is a popular game made by Krafton for India. The Battle Ground Mobile India game is only for India so we will talk about the Bgmi Points System. After the release of Battle Ground Mobile India, competitive matches have started happening a lot. Esports is growing very fast in India. After Launch BGMI his Complete More than 50 million Download.

Earlier I used to run the old points system in PUBG and BGMI. But after a few days in esports, a new points system came out, giving more importance to the finish points. In the earlier points system, the team that took the chicken dinner used to get 20 points, but now the team that takes the chicken dinner gets 15 points.

BGMI / PUBG New Points System

There are two types of points in the bgmi/ pubg, position points and finish/kill points. Apart from this, no bonus points are earned in PUBG / BGMI.

115 Points
212 Points
310 Points
48 Points
56 Points
64 Points
72 Points
8-121 Point
13-160 Points

Every finish in the game the team gets 1 point. So placement and finish both matters in the game. After New Points System Finish Points are Very Important.

In Bgmi, the Chicken Dinner Team gets 15 Points and the 2nd Position Team earns 12 Points. The team that  Eliminates between 16-20 gets 0 position points.


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