BGIS Finals Day 4: Points Table, Overall Standing, Top Fragger, Award, Winning Team & More

BGIS Finals Day 4: Points Table, Overall Standing, Top Fragger, Award, Mvp, Winning Team And More 

16 teams are going to play in Bgis (Battle Ground Mobile India series) final, there will be a total of 6 matches every day in which there will be 3 Erangal, 2 Miramar and a Sanhok Map. The final will Play for 4 consecutive days in which each team will get to play 24 matches.

The team that wins the final will get to Play PMGC (Pubg Mobile Global Championships) in the Upcoming Time.

Total Team Join – 16

  1. Godlike Esports

  2. Team Xspark

  3. Team Xo

  4. Skylighth Gaming

  5. OR Esport

  6. TSM ftx

  7. 7Sea Esports

  8. Hyderabad Hydra

  9. Enigma Gaming

  10. UDog India

  11. Reckoning Esport

  12. R Esports

  13. Team Supari Gang

  14. Revenant Esports

  15. OLD Hood Esports

  16. Tactical Esports

Day 4: schedule 

Match 1 – Erangal – Skylighth (12 Finish)

Match 2 – Miramar – Godlike (9 Finish)

Match 3 – Erangal – 7Seas Esport (15 Finish)

Match 4 – Sanhok – Tsm Ftx ( 8 Finish)

Match 5 – Miramar – Team Xspark (12 Finish)

Match 6 – Erangal    –  Revenant (16 Finish)

Total 16 Team Played 6 Match Per Day, Event Continue 4 Day par team play Total 24 Match.

BGMI Points System

115 Points
212 Points
310 Points
48 Points
56 Points
64 Points
72 Points
8-121 Point
13-160 Points

Map Standing

Match- 1 Erangal
Skylighth Gaming Won 1st Match of Bgis Final (Last Day) With 12 Fragg. Enigma Gaming Comes in 2nd Position With 11 Finish. Reckoning Esport Manege To enter Top 3 All Thank Abrahar.

Match- 2 Miramar
Godlike Esport Won 2nd Game Of Bgis Final With 9 Finishes. Skylightz Gaming Consistent Perform very Vell, he Finishes 2nd Position with 9 Finish. 7sea Esport comes in 3rd position With 7 Fragg.

Match- 3 Erangal
7sea Esport won 3rd Game Of Final Day With Freaking 15 Finishes. Tsm manages to enter the top 2 With 4 Finishes. Godlike Esport Comes Top 5 With Double-Digit Finishes.
Match- 4 Sanhok
Tsmftx Won the 4th Game of Sanhok With 8 Finishes. Hyderabad Hydra Comes 2nd Position With 8 Finishes.

Match- 5 Miramar
Team Xspark Won 5Match of Miramar With 12 Frags. 7sea Esport Comes 2nd Position With 4 Finishes. Old hood Esport manege To 3rd place With 7 Finishes.

Match- 6 Erangal
Revenant Esports Won Last Game of IQQQ Battle Ground Mobile India Game With Massive 16 Finishes. UDog India Comes 2 Place With 5 Finishes. Skylighz Gaming Win Bgis Title and pmgc Trophy. Tsm ftx is Runner up of Bgis.

Overall Standing After All Match 

BGIS Finals Day 4: Points Table

BGIS Finals Day 4: Points Table

All Award Winner Of BGIS


Godlike Neyoo ( Prize Won – 100000)

Longe Ranger (Longest Survival)

Skylighz Saumraj (Prize Won – 50000)

The Rampage Freak (Most Finish)

Skylighz Saumraj (Prize Won – 50000)

The Redeemer (Most Revives)

Godlike Zgod (Prize Won – 50000)

Most Finishes Team 

Godlike Esport (Prize Won – 50000)
Skylighz Gaming Win Battle Ground Mobile India Series With Massive 50 Lakh Prize Pool. Tsm Comes 2nd Position and Won 25 Lakh Prize pools. Team Xo Comes 3rd Position With 10 Lakh Prize Pools. Godlike Have a Most Finish in this Tournament. Skylighz Gaming Received PMGC (Pubg Mobile Global Champion) Ticket.

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