BMPS Finals Day 1: Points Table, Overall standings, Top Fragger & Schedule

The Battle Ground Mobile Pro Series is starting from today, in which there are a total of 16 teams. At the end of the league stage, the top 16 teams have qualified for the final. The finals will be held from 9th-12th June, in which 6 matches will be played everyday. Total a team will get to play 24 matches, the team which gets the most points in 24 matches will become the winner Of BMPS.

Team Orange Rock Esports performed brilliantly in the league stage and secured 1st position. Orange Rock Esports scored 562 points in 48 matches. Team Soul Finished League Stage in 2nd Place With 519 Points. Team Xo and Nigma Galaxy end League Stage in 3rd and 4th Place With 488 and 427 Points. Global Esports Esports Secure 5th Place With 413 Total Points. Soul Goblin Finish on Top in Top Fragger List With 120 Fragg, OR Aditiya Secure 2nd Place in Top Fragger List of League Stage with 95 Finishes. Xo Fierce and Or Attanki end 3rd & 4th Place With 77 and 73 Finishes.

BMPS Finals Team

OR Esports

Team Soul

Team XO

Nigma Galaxy

Global Esports

Hyderabad Hydras

7SEA Esports

Hydra Official

Enigma Gaming

R Esports

FS Esports

Big Brother Esports


Team INS


Team Kinetic

BMPS prize Pools Distribution

1st75 lakhs9th3 lakhs
2nd35 lakhs10th2.5 lakhs
3rd20 lakhs11th2.25 lakhs
4th10 lakhs12th2 lakhs
5th9 lakhs13th1.75 lakhs
6th7.5 lakhs14th150 lakhs
7th5 lakhs15th125 lakhs
8th4 lakhs16th1 lakhs
MVP2.5 lakhsLone Survivor1 lakhs
Most finishes2 lakhsRampage1 lakhs

BMPS Finals Day :1 Schedule

Final 9th-12th June

Match – 1 Erangel

Match – 2 Miramar

Match – 3 Sanhok

Match – 4 Vikendi

Match – 5 Miramar

Match – 6 Erangel

BMPS Finals Day 1 Points Table

1Team Soul354075
2Global Esports313162
3FS Esports223355
4OR Esports193655
5Hyderabad Hydra271542
6Team XO182341
7Enigma Gaming221638
8WSF Esports122436
9Nigma Galaxy131932
10Team INS141731
11Team Hydra151227
127Seas Esports141226
13Big brother Esports141226
14R Esports15621
15Autobotz Esports81220
16Team Kinet426

BMPS Finals Top Fragger After Day: 1

  1. Soul Akshat (15 Finishes)
  2. Enigma Eggy (14 Finishes)
  3. GE Rony (13 Finishes)
  4. Soul Hector (12 Finishes)
  5. HH Maxy (12 Finishes)

Top 5 Damege Dealer

Player NameDamege Deal

Survival Leaderboard

Player NameSurvival

Note – The points table will be updated after the end of the entire match day.

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